Quartz is a material that is highly resistant to all outside effects, but even then some tricks will make your everyday life easier. Whether you are having a large busy kitchen or a small one, these tips apply for all. Following these simple tips will ensure that even white quartz worktops are as beautiful as the day you got them.

1. Daily cleaning

For day to day cleaning, just use soap, water and a soft cloth. Make the soapsuds and wipe the worktops with the cloth. Then rinse the soapsuds with a clean damped cloth. You can follow up by wiping your worktops with a dry clean cloth or let your worktops dry by themselves.

2. Deeper cleaning

From time to time, you can do the deep cleaning with a glass cleaner. Just spray the cleaner on your worktops and wipe it with a soft damped cloth. You can use also professional quartz cleaning products special created for enginereed quartz stone. Check out our full range of products for professional results.

3. Removing stains

Although quartz is highly resistant to staining, some liquids like coffee or wine can leave a bit of a stain if they are not removed on time. For such stains, you can use adhesive cleaner to remove them. Pour a bit of the cleaner on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and remove it with a damped cloth. Follow up with the routinely cleaning.

4. Avoid harsh cleaners

You should avoid harsh cleaners at all times, no matter whether you just want to do the daily cleaning or to remove the stain. Such cleaners are for example oven cleaner and bleach. They can damage resins that are a natural sealant to quartz, and make your worktops more prone to staining and scratching.

5. Use mats, trivets and cutting boards

Cutting directly on your worktops will not harm them, but it can dull your knives. On the other hand, sudden temperature changes can damage quartz, so you should avoid putting hot pans or pots directly on your worktops. Always have a few mats in the kitchen on the visible place, to make sure you are always putting hot objects on a wooden or plastic surface.

Following these simple rules will make sure that your quartz worktops last for decades, without any changes in its appearance. You don’t have to rush to remove the stain even from white qurtz worktops, because it is highly resistant to staining. You can be sure that with proper use, quartz worktops will be a very smart investment because they are very long-lasting and also highly resistant to all mechanical loads.

Having more questions about the maintenance of white quartz? Please, feel free to contact us, and we will tell you all you need to know.