6 Beautiful Classic Quartz Brillo Range Colours

brillo rangeChoosing the one colour of Classic quartz brillo range for your new kitchen work surface is not an easy decision to make. Of course, you want your work surface to last you the test of time, so you don’t need to constantly replace it and spend money you possibly don’t have, but at the same time, you want your work surface to be bang on trend.

The great thing about the huge range of different quartz work surface colours out there is that there is something for everyone, and if you are clever enough to go for a neutral colour, checking that it ‘goes’ with everything, then you will have not only a cost-effective work surface decision, but one that will look fantastic for years to come.

Quartz is of course a fantastic choice of material – not only is it easy to look after and clean, but it is non-porous, which means it is more hygienic, doesn’t stain or break easily, and doesn’t need sealing after the initial installation. The fact that you don’t have to worry about scratching your work surface or burning it with hot pans means that you are free to enjoy your kitchen space much more freely than if you were having to constantly be on the look out for dangers.

So, Which Classic Quartz Brillo Range Colour Do You Go For?

The Classic quartz Brillo range is a great option to go with, because it is neutral enough to be a plausible choice for redecoration, but it is also bang on trend, because the shades never go out of fashion, they are always timeless.

Here are six of the best for you to consider.

Brillo Rouge – A rich dark red shade will greet you with this choice, and this also looks fantastic with either black or white. The shiny flecks in the slab will please anyone who wants extra sparkle. This is a flexible choice of colour, and it is also a very popular one with those who want a retro style to their kitchen – again, this is a style which never really goes out of fashion.

Brillo Noir – It is highly unlikely that black is ever going to become tiresome where decoration in any room is concerned, and there is a reason that this is one of the most popular colours in the Brillo range. Again, you will find sparkle flecks in this slab, which makes it ultra fashionable, and it has been that way for years, unlikely to change. You can go for monochrome, a retro style, or a brown shade to compliment your work surface.

Brillo Ivory – If you are a little scared of a white work surface, then ivory is a great source of middle ground. This is another of the most popular shades in the Classic quartz brillo range, and goes with almost everything, other than white.

Brillo Cocoa – Brown is very in fashion at the moment, and if you are looking for a latte style kitchen, e.g. a coffee and white or coffee and cream effect, then this shade is ideal. Not too light, but not too dark either, you can mix and match black, white, cream, ivory, or other shades of brown, to give you a minimalistic appearance to your space.

Brillo Branco – White should not be avoided, and whilst many people are a little scared of going all out bright, a white kitchen can look clean, shiny, and ultra-fashionable. Yes, you will need to keep on top of your cleaning, but that just gives you a more hygienic kitchen! You can pair this shade with almost anything too.

Brillo Café – Finally we have another brown shade, only this time of an expresso, a very dark brown of Classic quartz brillo range. There are silver flecks in the grain, which adds sparkle and glamour, and again, you can pair this particular shade with many other colours, such as other browns, cream, white, or black.