6 Bookmatched Quartz Stone Colours for Small Kitchens


Bookmatching quartz stone is an excellent choice for small, but charming kitchens. Not only that book matching will give excellent results, but quartz has proven to be excellent material, because of the many advantages it comes with… It is very long lasting, durable, almost impossible to stain or scratch and available in many colours. Here are some of them that are available book matched.

1. Calacatta Santa

Calacatta Santa is perfect for ones that like very fine and delicate veining. The veining in it is so fine; it will never look like too much, even if it’s used as the only style.

2. Himalaya

Himalaya is another style that has very distinct veining; you will only see it once you get close to it. The veining in it is even finer than in Calacatta Santa, making it the perfect choice for small kitchens.

3. Statuario

Statuario is one of the most famous marble looking styles. The veining forms irregular shapes and draws a unique picture on a beige background. The veining is grey coloured and very bold. It will give excellent results when it’s used as an accent, for example for the backsplashes.

4. Calacatta Lusso

This style has a white surface with a hint of blue undertone. The veining in it is grey and varies in length and thickness. It will look gorgeous as an accent in the small kitchen.

5. Alaska Bianca

Alaska Bianca is a white with very delicate and thin veining. Because it is very elegant and fine, it can be used as the only style for the whole kitchen, in combinations with any colour of cabinets.

6. Statuario Venato

This style is another white coloured with a cool undertone and blue-grey veining. The veining in it is, it is not too bold, but not as distinct either, making it suitable as the only style used for the small kitchen. The combinations will contrast colours will give your kitchen moderns, yet serious vibe.

No wonder quartz worktops are so popular today; they have excellent characteristics that are of value in kitchens while giving elegance and luxury. Bookmatched quartz will allow you to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. It will give immense beauty that will look good in both traditional and modern style kitchens. This material will last you for an immense amount of time, without its beauty fading. Investing in bookmatched quartz is a smart choice because this material will last you an immense amount of time.

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