7 Quartz Marble Effect Colours for Large Kitchen Surfaces


Quartz countertops are manufactured and made of quartz stone, resins and pigments. Quartz stone slabs has a very versatile colour range and it can also look like other stones, such as marble. In our range, you will find some of the most beautiful colours which will be a perfect choice for large kitchen surfaces.

It is best to choose neutral colours with a subtle or moderate pattern for large kitchen surfaces and these colours are a perfect representation of that. Continue reading and find out about our top quartz picks for large kitchens with marble effect.

1. Statuario Milan

Statuario Milan has a neutral white background with thin dark grey veining. It is the perfect choice for monochromatic kitchens. This colour will make your kitchen lighter and brighter. It will also make your kitchen very elegant and stylish.

2. Catania

Catania is grey with very bold dark grey veining. It is a perfect choice if you are just looking to replace the countertops. This colour will pair nicely with any other colour that you already have. It is a classic choice you can’t go wrong with.

3. Crete

Crete is white with a yellow undertone and a very subtle grey pattern. Combining it with similarly toned cabinets will make your kitchen look brighter and therefore spacious. It will be perfect to combine with mid-toned grey or beige cabinets.

4. Leros

Leros is a lightly toned pinky-white with subtle grey veining. This is the perfect colour if you want something other than beige, but don’t want it to be a bold colour either.

5. Calacatta Vegle

Calacatta Vegle has a white background and thin grey veining. The veining creates a unique picture and makes this colour even more special. This colour will pair well with dark toned cabinets.

6. New England

New England is a cool-toned beige with a subtle grey veining. This is the perfect choice for modern style kitchens because it has a very subtle pattern.

7. Olympia

Olympia is white with dark grey veining. The veining is feathery, but as it is much darker than the background, it is very noticeable. This is a perfect choice if you want a bit more noticeable pattern, but not too bold either.

Even if you don’t choose any of these colours, quartz has a very versatile colour range in which you will be able to find something perfect for your large kitchen. The general advice is to choose simpler patterns and neutral colours because bold ones can look like too much on larger surfaces. Colours with marble effect are a perfect choice for that because they are simple and elegant, yet timeless.

Need more help choosing the perfect quartz marble effect colour for your kitchen surfaces? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.