8 Advantages of Calacatta Quartz Marble Effect for Bathrooms

Calacatta is a famous stone type recognizable by the sharp black or grey veining and crisp white background. It is one of the most popular colours because it is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Having it in quartz stone means you will have a high-quality product that is both beautiful and has excellent mechanical features. Calacatta quartz has many benefits and here are eight of them.

1. Non-porous

Non-porous surfaces are ones that do not absorb water and liquids. Quartz is a manufactured stone made of natural quartz stone and resins. The resins are forming an unbreakable top layer that no liquids or water can breach.

2. Resistant to staining

Quartz’s resistance to staining is a direct consequence of its non-porousness. Quartz will resist all liquids, even the most persistent ones such as nail polish or hair colours. You will have no hard time removing these stains with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen.

3. Durability

Quartz is one of the toughest stones found in nature, ranking number 7 out of 10 on the scale or hardest stones, 10 being the dynamite. This is a telling that your quartz surfaces will be very durable and resistant to everyday use. Quartz surfaces will not break under sudden drops of heavy objects or unintentional use of excessive force.

4. Easy to maintain

Quartz is very easy to maintain due to its non-porous qualities. It has a sleek and smooth surface which makes the cleaning agents just glide on top. The cleaning is handled with just soap and water. Just make the soapsuds and wipe your surfaces with a mop or cloth, deepening on the application. Occasionally you can do the deeper cleaning with professional cleaning products for quartz.

5. Beautiful

Calacatta quartz is one of the most popular colours for a reason. It is recognizable by the sharp veining and crisp background. It is a very elegant choice which will make your bathroom very luxurious.

6. Variety in patterns

In our range, you can find two different Calacatta quartz colours. The first one is Calacatta Milan, which has a white background with a cool undertone. Its veining is very thin and subtle. The other one is Calacatta Vegle. It has a warm white background with soft grey veining. The veining is more pronounced in Calacatta Vegle then Milan.

7. Relatively affordable

Quartz is not the cheapest material you can get for bathroom tiles or countertops, but it is one that offers the best quality-price ratio. Quartz is more affordable then natural stones but offers similar, if not better characteristics.

8. Long-lasting

Quartz is a very long-lasting stone due to its durability. It will last you for decades and it will make a worthwhile investment. You will not have to think about the replacement for decades with quartz.

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