8 Advantages of Quartz Marble Effect for Kitchen Island

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen island in recent years. It has many benefits, among which are its resistance to staining and scratching. Not only that quartz has some of the best mechanical characteristics, it will also make your kitchen beautiful. Continue reading and find out about the top 8 advantages of quartz marble effect slabs for kitchen islands.

1. Non-porous

Quartz is a man-made product, made as a combination of quartz stone, resins and polymers. Resins are forming a waterproof surface on top of quartz, that doesn’t absorb liquids and water. Such surfaces are called non-porous and are highly resistant to staining.

2. Scratch-resistant

Quartz is a very tough material that will not get scratched with an accidental slip of a knife. However, cutting directly on your kitchen island can dull your knives, so we advise using a cutting board anyways.

3. Durability

Not only that quartz surfaces come with a warranty, but they are so durable you will not have to think about the replacement for decades. Quartz will not break if you accidentally drop a heavy object on it as it can handle very high pressure. Just be more careful around the edges, as they tend to chip easier.

4. Wide colour palette

During the manufacturing process of quartz, the pigments are added to change its colour. Quartz has one of the widest colour palettes you can find on the market, ranging from neutrals to bright colours. If you were looking just to replace the worktops, you will easily find in quartz’s range a colour that will match your kitchen style.

5. Can look like other stones

During the manufacturing process, the pigments can be also added to make patterns. Quartz can have a marble effect that is so similar to the real one, you will not be able to tell the difference. Quartz can also look like granite, but the marble effect is more popular.

6. Easy to clean

Cleaning of a quartz kitchen island is handled with ease- all you will need is soap and water. Just make some soapy water and using a soft cloth wipe your worktops. Follow up with removing the residue with a clean, damped cloth.

7. Doesn’t require sealing

Unlike other stones, such as marble or granite, quartz doesn’t require sealing. The resins in it are acting as a sealant and they are the reason why you will not have to think about sealing ever again.

8. Affordability

Quartz marble effect is much more affordable than the real marble, while it provides better mechanical performances. It is more affordable then natural stones, but it provides similar, if not better characteristics.

There are many reasons to choose quartz and one of them is that it can have a marble effect. With it, you will have a very similar appearance as with marble, but with improved characteristics.

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