8 Beautiful Quartz Marble Look Slabs from ClassicQuartzStone

Marble looking quartz is an excellent way to introduce a piece of luxury to your home. It is just as beautiful as real marble, but it has some better features. With quartz, you will never have to worry about staining or scratching. It will not take a lot of your time for maintenance as it will be easy to clean.

No matter the colour, it will make your kitchen extraordinary, but here are some of the most beautiful quartz marble look slabs, all from ClassicQuartzStone.

1. Calacatta Milan

Calacatta is a famous type that is recognizable by a clear background and crisp veining. This one has very thin veining that makes a special detail on the white background. A colour like this never goes out of fashion.

2. Crete

Crete has a white background with a yellow undertone and very fine splashes of colour. It is a perfect choice for small-sized kitchens as it will make them look bigger.

3. Marbre Carrara

Carrara is another famous type that is recognizable by the blurry background and veining. It is a perfect choice for ones that like a softer effect. The veining is grey and it is subtle.

4. Roma Black

Black can give a very striking effect no matter how you combine it. It can be paired with any other colour and it will always be the centrepiece of the room. This one is a very dark black with thin white veins all throughout it.

5. Roma Grey

Roma Grey has a similar pattern to Roma Black but it has a light grey background. The veining is white and it complements the background perfectly. This colour will be also perfect if you were just looking to replace the worktops.

6. Statuario Milan

Statuario Milan has a white background and thin grey veining. It is similar to Calacatta Milan, only it has a cool undertone. This one will be better paired with cool-toned cabinets, while the Calacatta one will be nicer with warm-toned cabinets.

7. Fiji

Fiji is a very light grey with an interesting pattern. Its pattern looks like the snowy mountains from up far. From all colours mentioned so far, this one is the richest in details. For that reason, it will be a perfect option for a kitchen island.

8. Monaco

Monaco has a white background with very thick dark grey veining. It will be the perfect choice for ones that find Statuario and Calacatta Milan too subtle. It has the same concept as the two, only the veining is much thicker. It has a neutral white colour that pairs well with anything.

All these colours will be perfect options for both bathrooms and kitchens. They are all part of ClassicQuartzStone marble range, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality.

Need more inspiration for your next project? Please, contact us and we will help you choose your perfect marble looking quartz.