8 Cream Quartz Colours for Classic Kitchens


Cream colours are an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a colour that will never go out of fashion. They are simple, yet luxurious and elegant. They are also a great choice if you were looking just to replace the worktops, but not the cabinets. Continue reading to find out about our top quartz cream colours for classic kitchens.

1. Everest
Everest is a cool-toned cream colour with subtle veining. The veining is a light grey colour and it is very thin. This colour is very versatile and it will be great in combination with both light and dark-toned cabinets.

2. Misterio
Misterio is a true cream colour with a blurred effect. It has subtle grey splashes of colour that make it even more interesting. A colour like this will be an excellent choice for monochromatic kitchens.

3. Alaska
Alaska is another cool-toned cream, but compared to Everest it is darker. It also has a blurred effect with grey splashes of colour. It is a good choice if you want a bit darker cream colour.

4. Calacatta Vegle
Calacatta Vegle is a part of our marble range. It has a marbled effect, but with all the good qualities of a quartz countertop. It is a light cream colour with a distinct veining. The veining is golden-grey and it is neither too thick nor too thin.

5. Fiji
Fiji is another marble looking colour, but with a different pattern. The pattern looks like fine brush strokes, combining grey and cream in a perfect balance. This colour has a bit bolder pattern, making it perfect for kitchen islands.

6. Leros
Leros is a cool-toned cream with blurred grey veining. Colours like this are a perfect choice for minimalistic kitchens because the pattern is a bit more subtle.

7. Calacatta Lusso
If you want a simple cream colour, but you want to make It a bit more interesting, choose one from the bookmatch range. Bookmatching is a technique when the two side by side surfaces are mirroring each other. This technique is perfect for the kitchen island: the bold golden veining will make a statement on it.

8. Calacatta Leather
Calacatta leather is a part of our leather range. This range has a leather-like finish, as opposed to the classic stone finish you will find in the rest of the range. This is another great way to do something a bit different with your countertops, without going for a bold colour.

No matter which cream colour you choose, quartz countertops will be a great addition to your kitchen. They are long-lasting, durable and resistant to staining. They can look like other stones such as marble, but with improved characteristics.

Need help choosing the perfect quartz stone colour for your classic kitchen? Please, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.