8 Quartz Slabs Colours from our Classic Range

We, Classic Quartz Stone, are a brand that focuses on the classic colour choices that will be a timeless option for any kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, our classic range is the core stone of our brand and what we represent. The Classic Range contains 8 beautiful neutral colours that will be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Continue reading and find out which one of these quartz colours may be right for you.

1. Branco Cinzeto

Branco Cinzeto is a light grey with a granulated pattern. The pattern is very subtle, which makes this colour perfect for contemporary style kitchens. Pairing it with darker toned cabinets, such as dark grey or black ones, will give stunning results.

2. Café Gris

Café Gris is yellow with a noticeable grey undertone. It is the perfect choice to pair with beige toned cabinets. The composition of lightly toned cabinets and darker countertops will bring balance to your kitchen.

3. Glitter Branco

For fans of bold patterns, Glitter Branco can be a great option. It has a white background and light grey stones scattered all over the surface. This colour is also a great option for tiles, as well as kitchen countertops.

4. Glitter Noir

Black starlight quartz is a classic choice you can’t go wrong with. This colour will make your kitchen elegant and sophisticated like no other. This colour will be excellent to combine with light-toned cabinets.

5. Ice Branco

Ice Branco is light-toned grey with high shine. It will be an excellent choice for small-sized kitchens because it will make them look bigger. Combine it with light-toned cabinets to make your kitchen look more spacious.

6. Ice Gris

Ice Gris is a mid-toned grey with a granulated pattern. It has tiny darker grey rocks scattered all over the surface. It is a great alternative to Ice Branco if you wanted something a few shades darker, but not completely dark either.

7. Ice Mix

Ice Mix is an even darker grey then the above two, but even then, it is not a real dark grey. It has a granulated pattern that makes this colour very interesting. Combinations with beige toned cabinets will give stunning results.

8. Super White

With white cabinets, you just can’t go wrong with. They pair well with any other colour and will be even a good option if you were just looking to replace the countertops, but not the whole kitchen. This one has a neutral undertone which is perfect for mixing with any other colour.

Need help choosing the right quartz slabs colour from our Classic Range for you? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.