Black or White Quartz Countertops? Which One is Easier to Maintain?

Black and white are timeless colour options that pair well with any other colour. They are a great option if you were just looking to replace the countertops, but not the cabinets. They also pair nicely together and can make interesting compositions. Choosing one or the other is just the question of the style and effect you are going for. Usually, the level of maintenance can lead you to choose a darker colour, but that doesn’t have to be the fact. Continue reading and find out which one is easier to maintain- black or white quartz.

Before we start the comparison between the two, we need to introduce you to quartz, so you can better understand. Quartz is a manufactured product, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. The resins have the function to make the countertops non-porous. Non-porous surfaces are the ones that don’t absorb water or liquids and are, therefore, highly resistant to staining. Since all quartz slabs have the same percentage of resins, they are generally all equally resistant to staining.


Water with high mineral composition tends to leave white marks when it evaporates. Watermarks can happen from glasses, but can also be a residue after the cleaning. Since those marks are usually white, they will be only visible on black quartz countertops. However, they are easily removed, but if that’s something that’s usually bothering you, you should choose white countertops. To prevent watermarks from happening use mats and clean your countertops with professional quartz cleaning products.


Liquids that can potentially stain your countertops can be numbered on one hand fingers. Those liquids are usually coffee and wine. When you remove them at the time they will leave no trace. But if you let them sit and dry for a whole day, they will be harder to remove and could leave a stain. Such stains are more visible on white quartz countertops. However, when it comes to removing them, there are no differences between the two. Even if you let the spill dry, you will still have good chances of removing them with an adhesive cleaner.

Dried gunk

It often happens when prepping meals that a part of your blend ends up on your countertops. You may even not notice it until you are completely finished with the meal and it has already dried up. In such cases, it is best to try to remove the gunk with a putty knife, for both black and white quartz countertops. A putty knife is gentle enough not to scratch your countertops, but it is also efficient enough to remove the gunk completely because of quartz’s sleek surface. If the gunk is dried so much that you can’t remove it with a putty knife, wet it and only then employ a putty knife.

Generally speaking, there are no differences in the maintenance of black and white quartz countertops and if that was your only concern, you should choose one that you like better. Surely, watermarks are more visible on dark colours, while spills are more visible on lighter colour, but they are removed completely the same. If you are willing to clean the residues, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t choose both light and dark colours.

Having more questions about quartz maintenance? Please, contact us and we will be happy to help you.