Black vs White Quartz Stone - Which Option is Better for Worktops

Black and white quartz stone are timeless colour choices for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. They are easy to combine with any colour of the cabinets and they even look great paired together. If you are looking just to replace the worktops, both colours will easily fit in an already set up style. There are also other things to consider before choosing the one or the other, so continue reading and find out about them.

  1. Watermarks

Watermarks and glass rings are more visible on black then white quartz. If you want to prevent their forming, you will have to use mats under your glasses.

  1. Stains

Quartz is highly resistant to staining, but if you let the spill sit for too long you can have hard times removing it. If such a thing happens to you, it will be more visible on white then black quartz. However, if you remove the spill on time, you will have no problems no matter the colour.

  1. Kitchen size

Black will make a room look smaller then it is, while white will make your room look bigger and more spacious. For these reasons, black is a good choice for big kitchens, or other rooms, while white is excellent for small-sized rooms.

  1. Style

Both colours can be incorporated in many styles; you can use both for modern and for traditional style kitchens. It just depends what you are pairing it with; when you pair the same colour with shaker style cabinets you will get a completely different look then when pairing it with clean, plane cabinets.

  1. Atmosphere

Black colour will give a more serious atmosphere to your kitchen while white will give a bit more light to it. It just depends on what you are trying to achieve.

  1. Mix and match

You don’t have to choose just one colour for your worktops; you can choose both and create very interesting compositions. For example, you can choose a white with black veining for the kitchen island, and a simple black with very few details for the other cabinets.

  1. Maintenance

No matter the colour, quartz doesn’t need sealing at all. The cleaning is the same with both; you will just need soap, water and a soft cloth. Just make the soapsuds and wipe the worktops; then rinse off any remaining soap. You can use also professional cleaning products for quartz surfaces. This method of cleaning will remove every glass ring or food residue.

To conclude, you can choose both colours because they will perform the same. It is just the question of the aesthetic and the atmosphere you want to achieve. Both black and white quartz are timeless options that will never go out of fashion.

For more information about black and white quartz stone worktops, please contact us.