Choose the Right Quartz Colours for Your Kitchen - 10 Tips & Tricks

Quartz has one of the widest colour ranges on the market and choosing the right one can be intimidating. With so many options one can get lost and choosing the right colour for your kitchen can be time-consuming. But no matter which colour you choose, quartz will be a great addition to your kitchen because it has great characteristics.

If you are having troubles finding the right quartz colour, continue reading this article for tips and tricks on how to choose the right colour.

1. Look for inspiration

You can inspire yourself by searching for different kitchen solutions and styles on social media. Nowadays, there are plenty of beautiful kitchens you can find on the internet that you can use in your home, or adjust to make it even more beautiful.

2. Visit the showroom

You will get the best insight into the colours by looking at them in person. You will be also able to feel their texture and see the finish better. You might even find a colour interesting that you haven't even noticed when looking online. ( Our showrrom is open by appointment only)

3. Collect samples

When you are at the showroom, you can ask for multiple samples to take with you. They are a great way to visualize how well they pair with what you already have in your kitchen. You can also ask for free samples by contacting us on

4. Consider the budget

Not all colours are equally priced and you should consider your budget before deciding on the colour. You can ask for quotes on different colours and choose the one according to your budget.

5. Consider the pattern

Patterns are a great part of each colour. The same colour will look completely different with different patterns. The most common ones are veined and granulated. You can also choose solid colours if you like minimalistic style. Choosing the pattern before the colour can be the way to go because you will narrow the options.

6. Choose your style

Some colours will look nicer with traditional style kitchens, while others will look better with modern looking ones. If you want a traditional style kitchen, colours like beige, brown and white are perfect for that. For contemporary style kitchens, dark grey and black are very popular.

7. Look what you already have

If you still can’t decide on the colour, look at what you already have in your home. The colour that appears the most will be a safe choice.

8. Mix and match

You don’t have to choose just one colour for the whole kitchen. You can choose two, or even more. One you can use on the kitchen island and the other for the rest of the cabinets.

9. Consider finishes

Quartz comes in different finishes and not all colours are available in every finish. Narrowing down the finish may help you choose the right colour. Check out our quartz marble range, classic quartz range, quartz leather range and quartz premier range.

10. Consider bookmatching

Bookmatching refers to the two connecting surfaces mirroring each other. Not all colours are available bookmatched and this is another way to narrow down the options. View our quartz bookmatc range.

Need more help choosing the right quartz colour for you? Please, contact us for more advice.