Does quartz stain or scratch? 10 Things You Should Know

Quartz is one of the rare materials that have been known for their stain and scratch resistance qualities. Some materials are stain-resistant, while others are scratch-resistant, but there aren’t many materials that are both. However, some myths are circling quartz, and here we have decided to demystify them and answer the questions are quartz countertops really stain and scratch proof?

1. It is manufactured stone

Quartz is a man-made stone made of natural quartz and resins. The resins are making the slabs stain-resistant, while the quartz stone is responsible for scratch-resistant qualities.

2. It is non-porous

Porous surfaces have microscopic pores in which bacteria or food particles can collect. Quartz is just the opposite of that; it doesn’t have those microscopic pores as it is non-porous.

3. It is resistant to staining

Its non-porous surface is the reason for its resistance to staining. Quartz is a perfect option for kitchen surfaces because it will not get stained by juices, sauces and other foods that would usually leave a stain.

4. It is one of the hardest stones

Quartz is ranked number 7 out of 10 on the scale of hardest stones, 10 being the diamond. This means that quartz is a very hard and resilient stone.

5. You can cut directly on it

Since it is so resilient, you can cut directly on it and yes, it is scratch resistant. However, you can dull your knives by cutting directly on it.

6. It has a great flexural strength

Flexural strength is the material’s ability to resist deformation under load. Its flexural strength is going up to 7000 psi, which means it can handle very heavy loads without damage.

7. It will not break

Quartz will not break when you accidentally drop a heavy object on it.

8. It is not indestructible

Although quartz will handle high pressure and load without breaking, that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Man can’t produce a force that will harm quartz, but machines can.

9. All colours are equal

Since quartz is manufactured stone, all its colours have the same characteristics. This is not the case with natural stones, as darker colours tend to be more resilient then lighter. All quartz colours are equally resistant to staining and scratching.

10. Especially great for kitchens

Quartz can be used for other rooms as well, but it is especially good for use in the kitchen. It is highly resistant to staining and you can cut directly on it. These characteristics are making it a perfect surface for food preparation.

In conclusion, to answer the question, does quartz stain or scratch? The answer is no, it doesn’t. It is a great option for kitchens and bathrooms and it will last a long time.

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