Grey Quartz Stone Colours - Pros & Cons


Grey is a colour that will match nicely with any other colour. It is also an excellent option for ones looking to replace just one element of their home, like a kitchen or bathroom worktops. Grey also looks excellent in monochromatic compositions. Grey quartz is not just like other greys. It is a very elegant and luxurious choice you just can’t go wrong with. And quartz is also known for its great characteristics that are hard to find with other materials. But quartz also has its cons, so continue reading and find out about them.


1. Modern style

Grey quartz can easily fit in a contemporary kitchen style which is known to be free of many details. You can create an elegant and modern kitchen everyone will like. Grey is also very easy to combine with and you can choose almost any colour for the cabinets.

2. Numerous options

There is not just one grey quartz stone, but many. You can choose from very light grey colours that are almost white to almost black ones. You can also choose anything in between with your favourite pattern. The most common patterns are veined and granulated.

3. Resistance to staining

No matter how saturated your quartz is, it will be equally resistant to staining as any other. Quartz’s resistance to staining is not dictated by the colour. Quartz is made of natural quartz and resins, the second being the reason why quartz slabs are resistant to staining. Since all quartz colours have the same percentage of resins, they are all equally resistant to staining.

4. Easy to clean

Quartz has a very smooth surface that will make your cleaning tools glide over it. Cleaning is handled with just water, soap and a soft cloth. Quartz doesn’t need sealing, unlike other stones.

5. Long-lasting

Quartz is one of the hardest stones found in nature and will last you for decades. It will not break or crack when exposed to unintended pressures. As it is so resilient to weight and pressure, it will naturally last you a long time.

6. Affordable

Quartz is not the cheapest material, but it is more affordable than natural stones. On average, grey quartz stone is not more or less expensive than other quartz colours. Nevertheless, you will get a great product for the price.


1. Can look monotonous

Grey colour can look monotonous especially when it doesn’t have many details. Choosing colours that have veining or granulation is one way to avoid that. The other is to choose the colour for the cabinets that are in contrast with your quartz.

2. It is heavy

Quartz is a very tough material, but it is also heavy. Additional structural support may be required for some cabinets.

3. Sensitive to UV rays

When quartz is exposed to constant sun rays, its colour can fade. Therefore quartz is recommended only for indoor use.

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