How to Choose the Right Quartz Colour for your Countertops

The kitchen renovation can be a very time-consuming task. You have to think about the material, colour, finish, the overall layout…With so many to think about, one can get lost. If you have already chosen quartz as the material for your countertops, but you still haven’t chosen the colour, read this article. In it, we will give you tips on how to choose the right quartz colour for you.

1. Look for the inspiration on the internet

Nowadays you can find numerous inspirations on social media platforms, such as Pinterest. Looking for inspiration there can be an excellent starting point to decide what you like. Choose a few different examples that are the same style, but are overall different. Eventually, you can choose a specific design that you like and with adding just a few details make a kitchen of your own.

2. Visit the showroom

If you have seen a colour that you like on the internet, visit the showroom to ask for such a colour. You will get the recommendations that are the most similar. You can also go to the showroom without looking for inspiration on the internet and ask for advice. You can describe what you like and get a recommendation according to that.

3. Sample the colours

You can also ask for free samples in different showrooms. You can also get samples directly by us; all you need to do is to email us on with the sample you require and you will get them by postal service in a few days.

4. Think about what you already have

If all these steps didn’t help you, consider what colours appear the most in your home. That colour will easily adapt to the overall home design.
If you were looking just to replace the countertops, but not the cabinets, choose the colour according to them.

5. Consider the budget

Not all quartz colours are equally expensive and you should consider your budget prior to choosing one particular colour. With most suppliers, you can get free quotes. All you need to provide is the size that you will need and the colour you opt for.

6. Consider the pattern

Patterns are a huge part of quartz design. The most common patterns for quartz are veined and granulated, but quartz can be also completely solid. The decision between these three patterns can help you much when choosing the colour.

7. Consider mixing

You don’t have to choose just one quartz colour, for example, you can choose one for the kitchen island and other for the rest of the cabinets. You can create interesting compositions by mixing and matching different quartz colours and patterns.

Need more help choosing the right quartz colour for you? Please, contact us and we will do our best to help you.