Is Quartz Better than Natural Marble Stone? 8 Things You Should Know

The comparison between quartz stone and marble is the most frequent because of their similar appearance. However, when it comes to the performances, they share some similarities but they also have big differences.

Continue reading this comparison to learn everything you need to know about quartz and marble before purchasing.

1. Quartz is manufactured, while marble is a natural stone

Quartz is a manufactured material, made of 93% quartz stone and 7% resins. Marble is, on the other hand, a natural stone, without any other added components to it.

2. Quartz is more affordable

In general, quartz is less expensive than natural marble stone. The prices for both are different from colour to colour. Some rare colours are more expensive than others. But on average, quartz tends to be more affordable

3. Marble is softer

Marble slabs can get chipped or scratched due to exposure to sharp objects. Quartz will not get scratched even if you cut directly on it. It is very tough and will be a better option for kitchen worktops.

4. Quartz is non-porous

Non-porous materials do not absorb liquids and are therefore highly resistant to staining. Quartz is a non-porous material due to resins, which are forming a waterproof layer.
Marble is a porous material and can get stained easily. Therefore, it needs to be sealed several times a year. The sealant will make it more resistant to staining.

5. Marble absorbs temperature better

Marble is a great heat conductor, meaning it will absorb the temperature from other objects. This has a great purpose in the kitchen. Quartz also resists heat well, but sudden temperature changes can lead to weakening the bonds between its components.

6. Quartz has a wider colour selection

During the manufacturing process, the pigments are added to change quartz colour and add patterns. Quartz can even look like marble, which is recognizable by its veining. Marble is, however, considered by the many the most beautiful stone.

7. Quartz has a more uniform look

Marble slabs are unique because they are made by nature. Quartz slabs are manufactured; therefore they are more uniformed. Both can be an advantage and a disadvantage, it just depends on your taste.

8. Quartz doesn’t need sealing

Quartz is the easiest material to maintain because it doesn’t need sealing. The resins in it already act as a sealant and making the surface very smooth. Quartz is also very easy to clean because of its smooth surface.
Marble is also easy to clean, but you will have to seal it several times a year.

Marble’s beauty is undeniable, but quartz has better performances. It can even look like marble, which makes it an even better alternative to it.

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