Is Quartz Good for Outdoor Spaces - 8 Things You need to Know

Quartz stone is an increasingly popular material for kitchens and bathrooms because it offers a great price-quality value. Its pros have been well known; it is resistant to staining, easy to maintain and durable. But it follows a bad reputation that it is not appropriate for outdoor spaces. Here, we will consider every aspect of quartz regarding the outdoor use, so you can decide for yourself whether it is for your outdoor space.

1. Quartz is a manufactured stone

Quartz is made of natural quartz, resins and synthetic pigments. Each component has its purpose in the final product. Quartz stone gives the slabs durability, resins give them resistance to staining and pigments are added to change colour. This creates a well-balanced mix that has some great characteristics.

2. Quartz can be UV sensitive

About 10 per cent of sunlight comes from Ultraviolet rays, which can be damaging to lots of materials, as well as for living world. Synthetic resins and pigments can react when exposed to constant UV rays. Some precautions are advised when you are planning to install quartz for outdoor space.

3. Shade advised

If you are planning to install your quartz outdoors, it is recommended that it has a shade. It can be installed under deeper eaves or awnings that will protect it from the direct sunlight.

4. Choose light colours

UV rays can be more damaging to darker quartz colours than to light-toned ones. Darker quartz can discolour or brighten over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Lighter toned quartz is more appropriate for outdoors because it will not fade. Browse our collection of classic quartz, marble effect quartz, premier quartz range and bookmatch quartz range.

5. Cleans easily

When you protect your quartz correctly, you will have many benefits from it. Quartz makes a good outdoor surface because it cleans very easily. All the grease from the barbecue will be easily removed with just soap and water.

6. Resistant to staining

Quartz will not get stained even by the most persistent liquids such as coffee or wine. It makes a good outdoor kitchen surface where you will have a lot of spills.

7. Durable

This material is very hard and will handle pressure without breaking or cracking. It will not get scratched even if you cut directly on it.

8. Long-lasting

Quartz surfaces will last you for decades because they are so durable. You will have a warranty that lasts for 10 years. You can be sure that even when the warranty has expired, your quartz surfaces will still stand strong.

Quartz can be a good solution for outdoor spaces, such as outdoor kitchens when precautions are met. It is advised to choose lighter-toned quartz and to provide it with constant shade. Only then you will get the best out of it.

Having more questions about the quartz characteristics? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.