Is Quartz Stone Heat Resistant? 5 Facts You Should Know

Quartz is a great option if you were looking for a material that will withstand scratches and stains with ease. But when it comes to resisting heat, there are a few facts to consider and know.

1. Quartz is a manufactured material

Quartz is a manufactured material constructed of quartz stone, resins and pigments. Quartz covers 93% of the material, while resin and pigments add to 7%. All components have their function in the final product; quartz stone for durability and resins for stain-proof quality. The pigments are added to change the colour and add patterns.

2. Durability

Quartz is very durable, but that doesn’t make it heatproof. Although quartz can withstand a lot of pressure, it will not resist all kinds of heat.

3. Resistance to heat

Quartz stone itself is resistant to heat, but resins are not. When exposed to high temperatures for too long, your worktops can discolour or turn white. To prevent such things from happening use mats and trivets. If you need to postpone a hot pan on your worktops it will not burn at once, but make sure not to do that very often.

4. Quality

Just because quartz is not completely heatproof, it doesn’t mean it is a bad product. If you are willing to pay attention and use mats, quartz can be a lifesaver. It has some excellent features that are hard to find in other products.

5. Other benefits

Quartz has many benefits, among which is its resistance to staining, scratching and wide colour palette.
The resins are the reason why quartz worktops do not absorb liquids and water. This quality makes quartz worktops highly resistant to staining, but also free of any sealing.
Quartz is also a very durable material that is very hard to scratch or break. It will handle the high impact of force without any breaking or cracking. You can even cut directly on your worktops and they won’t get scratched.

Quartz also has one of the widest colour palettes on the market, if not the widest. In its range, you can find almost any colour you like.

So to answer the question, quartz is not completely heat resistant. It will also not burn if you need to postpone a hot pan on it for a moment, but it can get damaged when exposed to high temperatures for too long. But if you pay attention to use mats and trivets, you will prevent all accidents from happening. Its other qualities make it worth exploring.

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