Most Popular Quartz Colours for Bathroom Surfaces

Quartz is a well-known material which is often used for kitchen, but also bathroom surfaces. This material has been one of the most sought-after ones in recent years because it has excellent characteristics. It is non-porous, very durable and versatile. It can be used for both kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Among other great characteristics, quartz is also known for its wide and beautiful colour range. If you were looking for quartz colour for your bathroom surfaces, continue reading and find what are the most popular colours.

1. Calacatta Milan

Calacatta Milan is part of the marble range and it is the look-alike of the famous Calacatta marble type. It is a timeless colour choice it will never go out of fashion. This colour is recognizable by the crispy white background and soft grey veining.

2. Crete

Crete is one of the most elegant and sophisticated colours out there. It has a white background with blurry, soft splashes of colour. The pattern is very delicate and it will be a great choice to combine with colourful cabinets.

3. Marbre Cararra

Cararra is another famous marble type and it is recognizable by its blurry background and veining. Marbre Cararra has a white background with blurry dark grey veining. This quartz marble effect stone will be the perfect choice for ones that like the idea of Calacatta but want something even more subtle.

4. Roma Black

For darker colours fans Roma Black is a perfect choice. It has a black background with thin but bold white veining. Combining it with white cabinets you will create a perfect composition everyone will love.

5. Super White

Plain white surfaces are a perfect choice if you want to drive attention to other elements of the bathroom, but not the surfaces. This colour will perfectly adapt to such a scenario and it will make your bathroom very elegant.

6. Milano

Milano is a mid-toned grey with a very subtle pattern. This colour is excellent if you were looking just to replace the surfaces, but not the cabinets. It will pair well with any cabinet colour.

7. Brillo Gris

This colour is for those who like more details on their surfaces. It has a granulated pattern with large rocks scattered all over the surface. The rocks are a few tones darker than the surface and are there to make the statement.

8. Café Gris

This colour will also be a great choice if you were looking for a simple colour that goes well with anything. Compared to the already mentioned ones, this one is much lighter. It is a light-toned grey that will complement any colour of the cabinets.

Even if you odn;t choose any of these colours, quartz has a very versatile colour range in which you will be able to find something perfect for your new surfaces. Quartz will not only make your bathroom very beautiful but also very high-quality.

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