Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colour Trends for 2022

Next year is just around the corner and designers are already thinking about the new trends in kitchen design. Some trends will carry on from this year, while others are predicted to enter the design scene slowly in the next year.

Whether you are the one who follows trends or not, this article can be an inspiration to you for your next kitchen project.

Continue reading and find out what the most popular quartz countertop colours will be in 2022. Also browse our classic range, marble effect quartz range or the supreme range for more inspiration.

Sand colours

Sand colours will be the thing to get in next year. Sand colour gives a very sophisticated appeal and it is easy to combine with other colours. The combination of the same toned cabinets and countertops will give you the chance to accent different details in your kitchen. A well-balanced composition like this will not just be the trend for the next year, but it will be a great option for years to come. Look for colours like Alaska, Café Gris and Antiqua in our range to achieve this look.


Blue is here to stay and its popularity will carry on from this year to the next. Blue is an excellent way to give a bit of colour to your kitchen, without going too wild. You can pair it with both light and dark-toned cabinets. If you want to accent your countertops more, you can pair them with lighter-toned cabinets such as light grey or beige. If you want your countertops to blend seamlessly with your cabinets, choose darker colours, such as dark grey.

Dark grey

Dark grey kitchens will continue to be one of the most popular colours in the next year also. The reason for that is that dark grey kitchens can look very sophisticated with not much effort. It is the perfect choice for minimalistic kitchens, but also industrial style kitchens. Look for colours such as Catania or Brillo Gris to achieve this trend.

White with veining

White marble looking colours are the synonym for luxury and elegance. Therefore, it is no wonder why they are so popular and they will remain to be one of the most popular choices for 2022 also. You will also have a variety of options to choose from to achieve this trend. You can choose white with very bold veining that will be the centrepiece of your kitchen, but you can also choose one with subtle veining that will merge with the other details in your home.

No matter the colour or trend you choose to follow, quartz countertops will make a great addition to your kitchen. Quartz is a very long-lasting material, it is resistant to staining and easy to maintain. When it comes to trends in the kitchen countertops materials, quartz is here to stay and you will not make mistake by choosing it.

Need help choosing the perfect quartz colour for your countertops? Please feel free to contact us and we will help you out.