Quartz Marble Effect vs Marble Stone

Considering marble for your kitchen or bathroom, but you have doubts about its performances? Then, quartz with marble effect is the right alternative for you. Not only that quartz can have the same appearance as marble but is also comes with a few additional qualities.

Quartz is non-porous

This means that water and liquids will not be able to break its surface and leave a stain. Marble is, on the other hand, porous and can get stained quite easily.

Quartz is more resistant to scratches

Quartz is one of the hardest materials found in nature, ranking number 7 in the scale of the toughest stones out of 10. Unlike quartz, marble is softer and will get scratched easier than quartz.

Marble absorbs temperature better

Marble is a great heat conductor, meaning it will absorb the temperature from a hot object quickly. This is of great use, especially in the kitchen. Quartz also resists heat well, but sudden changes of temperatures with high amplitudes can damage it.

Quartz is manufactured stone

Quartz slabs are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. Marble is a natural stone which reflects in the irregularity of its veining. Quartz has more uniformed veining. Depending on your taste both one and the other can be advantages and disadvantages.

Quartz has a greater variety

Because quartz is manufactured, that also means that it can have almost any colour you like. It can look like any marble style, but also be a completely solid colour. If you are looking just to replace the countertops or tiles, you should look in its range, because it has a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Quartz is restricted to indoor use only

Quartz is not resistant to UV rays, because of the resins. If it is used outdoors, its colour will brighten and its mechanical performances weaken. Marble can be used outdoors and its colour will not fade due to constant exposure to the sun.

Both can be used for a variety of purposes

In your home, you can use both quartz and marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops, for floors, wall cladding and more.

Quartz is more affordable

Generally speaking, quartz is more affordable then marble. There are colours in quartz’s range that are rarer and can be more expensive, but in general terms quartz is more affordable.

They are both very durable

In this category, they perform similarly, but it can be said that quartz is a bit tougher. You shouldn’t have a problem with them breaking or cracking when exposed to higher pressure.

Quartz marble effect slabs are a great alternative to real marble because it is more affordable but it will perform similarly, if not better. It has the same look as real marble, just a bit more uniform. In fact, the imitations are very accurate and just by looking at it, you will not find the difference.

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