Quartz Marble Effect vs Natural Marble Stone


When it comes to choosing the right material for your new countertops that can be a very challenging task. Nowadays, there are so many options it all can get confusing at times. Certainly, quartz and marble are one of the materials that cross everybody’s mind when searching for new countertops. But when it comes to comparison of these two materials, there are certain things to take into consideration before choosing quartz marble effect slabs or natural marble stone.

1. Quartz is an engineered stone, while marble is a natural

Quartz is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. The fact that this stone is manufactured allows it to have a very wide colour range and even have a marble effect. Marble is, on the other hand, natural stone and you will be able to choose from a less variety of colours.

2. Quartz is non-porous

Quartz has a non-porous surface, which means it won’t absorb water or liquids. That trait makes it highly stain resistant. On the other hand, you will have to be very careful with marble, because it is porous and can get stained easier.

3. Marble is softer

Marble countertops can get chipped or scratched due to exposure to sharp objects. Quartz will not get scratched as easily, because it is much tougher; it will not get scratched even if you cut directly on it.

4. They will both handle high temperature

Marble absorbs heath very well; for that reason, it is often used in commercial and busy kitchens. Quartz will also handle average kitchen temperatures without problems, but you should always use mats with both. Quick changes of temperature with high amplitude can damage quartz’s surface.

5. Quartz has a more uniform look

Marble effect quartz, when compared to real marble, has more uniformed veining. On the other hand, marble has irregular patterning that is always different. Both can be an advantage and a disadvantage, it just depends on your taste.

6. Quartz is more affordable

The prices for all stones are varying from colour to colour and you may find a cheaper marble colour than quartz; however, that is usually not the case, because quartz marble effect is more affordable than marble. You will pay less, but the effect will be the same.

7. Quartz doesn’t need sealing

Quartz is the easiest material to maintain because it doesn’t need sealing. The resins in it already act as a sealant, so you will never have to worry about sealing again. They also make the surface very smooth, which makes cleaning effortless.
On the other hand, you will have to seal marble several times a year.

All in all, quartz marble effect offers a better price-quality ratio. You will have the same appearance as with marble but with improved characteristic and better price.

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