Quartz Marble Look Stone vs Natural Marble for Kitchens

Which material to choose for new kitchen worktops, quartz or marble? This is one of the most frequent questions on the internet regarding kitchen remodelling, as well as in real life. The comparison between these two materials is natural because they can have a similar appearance. When it comes to the performance, they share some similarities but they also have big differences. Continue reading and decide for yourself which one is better for your kitchen, quartz with marble look or natural marble.

1. Quartz is manufactured, while marble is natural

Quartz is a manufactured product, made of natural quartz, resins and pigments. The combination of these components has proven to be excellent for overall performances of quartz slabs. Marble is, on the other hand, a natural stone without any other added materials.

2. Quartz has a wider range

Quartz has a very wide colour range because pigments are added to it during manufacturing. Quartz can, hance, look like marble. It can look like famous marble types such as Calacatta, Statuario or Marbre Carrara.
Since marble is a natural material, its colour range is limited to the colours found in nature.

3. Quartz is non-porous

Non-porous materials do not absorb liquids which can leave a stain of your worktops. Quartz is a non-porous material due to resins, which are forming a waterproof layer.
Marble is a porous material and it has been known that it can get stained easily. Marble needs to be sealed several times a year to become more resistant to staining.

4. Marble resists temperature better

Marble absorbs temperature from other objects quickly and it will not burn in contact with them. It is often used for busy kitchens because it will not break when you postpone hot kitchenware on it.
Quartz is a bit less resistant to heat due to resins. High temperatures can lessen the bond between the components and weaken your quartz. Make sure to use mats and trivets with it.

5. Marble is more unique

Since marble is a natural product, each its slab is the representation of the stone it has been cut from. The veins seen in marble are mineral impurities and their presence is always different. As with other things created by nature, there are no two same examples.

Quartz marble look has more controlled and uniform patterns because it is manufactured. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage depending on your likings. If you like more symmetrical and uniform pattern, quartz is the one. If you like more unpredictable, unique patterns, marble is better.

6. Quartz is more affordable

On average, quartz is more affordable than marble. Quartz offers a better price-quality ratio and it has some great characteristics that marble doesn’t have.

Marble’s beauty is undeniable, but quartz marble look can be a great alternative. Not only that it looks very similar but its overall performances are better.

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