Quartz Slabs Wholesale Croydon – Price & Details!

Quartz Slabs Wholesale Croydon

Are you looking for quartz slabs wholesale? Are you on the verge of getting your bathroom a facelift? We are the supplier of slabs materials and related fittings. We stock and supply stone slabs, sinks, taps, tubs etc. at the best prices in Berkshire in large.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made from 90% grounded quartz and 10% resins. Like any other natural stone, quartz is mined from the earth’s crust in huge blocks that weigh multiple tonnes and transported to the manufacturing plant where it is grounded and mixed with resins.

Why Use Quartz Slabs

Getting quartz over granite for your slabs is a wised decision given the superior qualities of quartz.

  1. For its sturdiness, quartz is relatively light when compared to other stone slabs. Its hardness makes it more forgiving and long lasting than any other stone. Quartz is known to go for years without the need for repair or overhaul.
  2. This lifetime service comes without compromising the heat handling and the beauty. Quartz slabs can handle hot utensils or tool quite well. Although not heat proof, quartz is classified as heat resistant since it can take quite some degrees.
  3. Another superior quality of quartz is the fact that it is non-porous. This means that quartz handles liquid spills quite well.
  4. It is also easy to clean! When professionally installed, quartz slab will serve you diligently without downtime. Perhaps the only downtime is when you are cleaning. And the cleaning is very easy. In a nutshell, quartz is practical. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, commercial establishments, bars etc.

Quartz Slabs Wholesale Croydon

Being a hard material, quartz needs specialised tools and professionals to do the installation. If you want to install a quartz slab, it is highly recommended that you get a professional to do it for you.


The price of quartz slabs vary depending on the following factors:

  • Size – the larger the slab needed the more expensive it will become given that it will cost more to transport and install;
  • Colour and texture – some colours and textures attract a premium price due to demand and supply forces. Bespoke colours and textures will also be expensive;
  • Complexity of installation – some slab designs are complex and require a greater deal of effort than others.

The price of quartz has dropped in the last few years. This is attributed to the improved technology for engineering and cutting the quartz. The quartz slabs wholesale price depends mostly by the range, colour and thickness.

Why Choose Us

As you take the bold steps toward building your dream home, we want to be part of your journey. Classic Quartz is a UK based quartz wholesale stone supplier.

We have a constant supply of the best stone in the country that goes to produce world-class and high end slabs that will add elegance and glamour to your home. Please get in touch for any further information about Quartz slabs wholesale in Croydon area and more!