Quartz Stone Colours Trends in 2021

When it comes to choosing a colour for kitchen surfaces, following trends can be very hit or miss. When you are simply following trends for the sake of it, you can end up not liking the final result. But when the current trend is what you actually like, you will have a kitchen you will enjoy for many years. Some trends are more popular, while others are less; no matter how much a trend is popular, it is important that it is appealing to you. Here are the top quartz stone colour trends for this year. Feel free to browse also our full quartz stone range and choose the perfect colour for your design style and needs.

1. Neutral colours

Neutral, muted tones are continuing to be popular for quartz kitchen surfaces. This colour group include taupe, cream and beige, but also their variations. These colours are elegant and will make your kitchen look more spacious than it is. They are also very easy to combine with and can be also a great choice if you were just looking to replace the countertops.

In our range, we have colours like Café Gris, Ibiza or Everest that will be perfect choices for this style.

2. Dark colours

Very dark colours like dark grey and pitch black have been the signature of contemporary style kitchens for years and they continue to be in 2021. These colours are most often combined with light-toned cabinets. This high contrast results in very elegant and eye-catching looks.
Colours like Roma Black, Milano and Brillo Noir are the perfect choices for this style.

3. Blue

Blue is the most popular non-neutral colour. Although this colour can be very intimidating for many, it can actually have a neutral undertone which makes it easier to combine with the other colours in your home. Blue colours that will be trendy in 2021 include blues that are mixed with various tones of grey to achieve a more neutral colour.
For this trend, look in colours like Florence or Platino Gris Noir.

These three colour groups are predicted to be the most popular ones for quartz stone in 2021. However, the most important is what you like and if you don’t like any of these trends, simply adapt them according to your likings or completely ignore them. But if you do like them, now you have also suggestions for specific colours that will be great for that trend and also tips on how to combine them.

Need help choosing the right quartz stone colour for your kitchen? Please feel free to contact us for advice.