Quartz Stone for Commercial Work Surfaces - Pros & Cons

Quartz has been one of the first choices of many for both residential and commercial use. The reason for that is that quartz is very durable but it is also more affordable than other stones. Quartz has many pros, but also a few cons, so find out about them and decide whether it is a good choice for your commercial space or not.


1. Stain-resistant

Quartz has a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb water or liquids. Such surfaces are highly resistant to staining, which is of special importance in the high traffic areas, such as commercial spaces. It is an excellent choice for spaces where there is a heavy consumption of coffee or wine since these liquids tend to stain the most, but not quartz.

2. Durability

Quartz is one of the hardest stones found in nature. Quartz work surfaces will not break due to a drop of a heavy object and can resist high pressure without cracking. They can handle constant high traffic without any traces of use.

3. Scratch-resistant

Another very important characteristic for work surfaces are its resistance to scratching. With quartz stone, you will not have to worry about scratching even when you cut directly on it. However, cutting directly on quartz can dull your knives quicker than they should.

4. Easy to maintain

Quartz is also a perfect choice for commercial use because you will not have to spend much time cleaning it and maintaining. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water and it doesn’t require sealing, unlike other stones.

5. Numerous colour choices

If you have a particular colour in mind, but can’t find it anywhere, there are high chances that you will find it in quartz’s range. Quartz has one of the widest colour palettes that include neutrals as well as bright colours. It comes with a pattern or it can be a completely solid colour. It can even look like other stones, such as marble or granite.


1. It is sensitive to chemicals

Harsh chemicals often used for cleaning of commercial facilities can damage your quartz work surfaces. Since quartz is an engineered material, made of quartz stone, resins and polymers, those chemicals can lessen the bond between them. Avoid such chemicals at all times and simply use soap and water. For deeper cleaning you can use a mix of vinegar and water or the glass cleaner.

2. It is UV sensitive

Constant exposure to UV rays can make your surfaces less resistant to mechanical influences. Make sure not to use quartz stone where there is constant exposure to the sun.

Benefits of having quartz for commercial work surfaces are many, while there are just a few cons. If you find a colour that matches your idea and fits your budget, quartz will be a great choice for your commercial space.

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