Quartz vs Marble vs Granite for Floor & Wall Tiles

Marble, granite and quartz are very popular materials for floor and wall tiles, for kitchens as well as for bathrooms. While marble and granite are natural stones, quartz is manufactured. This fact has an impact on many characteristics of all three stones. If you were wondering whether to choose quartz, marble or granite for your floor and wall tiles, here is an overview of the pros and cons of all three materials.


Quartz is the only manufactured stone out of the three. It is made of natural quartz and resins. This combination has proven to be very effective because both components are there for a reason. Resins are giving the slabs resistance to staining, while quartz is making them durable.

Quartz is the best material out of three when it comes to the resistance to staining. Even liquids like coffee or wine will not leave a permanent stain on quartz slabs. Quartz has a moderate resistance to heat, which is more of concern when it is applied for kitchen worktops, then for floors and walls.

Quartz has the widest colour range out of three because during its production the pigments can be added to change the colour or add patterns. Browse our quartz marble look, bookmatch range, quartz classic range or premier range.


Granite is a natural stone that has been known for its durability and hardness. Quartz and granite are equally durable and neither one of them will break when you accidentally drop something on your tiles.

Granite is a bit more resistant to scratching; resins are forming a bit softer layer on top of quartz slabs, so it can get scratched easier than quartz.

Granite is the best material when it comes to resistance to high temperatures. When it comes to the colour palette, all natural stones have less wide palettes then manufactured ones. That being said, they have more unique slabs. It is just the question of your taste, whether you like better uniformed slabs such as quartz has or the ones with unpredictable patterns.


Marble is another natural stone which has been known for its beauty. Many consider marble the most beautiful stone out there. However, marble is a softer material and can scratch easier than quartz and granite. It is also more porous and therefore more prone to staining.

That being said, marble has several pros also. It is just as durable as the other stones and it will not break easily. It also resists high temperatures well. Its slabs are also unique and some of the marble types are considered very luxurious and elegant.

In conclusion, quartz is a great competitor to granite and marble and by choosing it instead of these two you will not make a mistake. It is just as high-quality material as the two, if not better, and all that for a lower price. You will have a wider variety when choosing the colour and finding something just perfect for your floors and walls.

Having more questions about the comparison of quartz, granite and marble? Please feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.