Super White Quartz Stone for Kitchen Surfaces - 5 Pros & Cons

White quartz stone is an excellent choice if you want an always modern looking kitchen surface. White surfaces also look hygienic and clean. But although they are sophisticated and elegant, there are a few setbacks to consider when thinking about white for your kitchen surfaces. Continue reading and decide for yourself whether white surfaces are a good option for you or not.

1. It will make your kitchen brighter

Super white quartz reflects the light like no other colour and therefore is making it look brighter and livelier. This makes it also an excellent choice for small-sized kitchens because it will make them look bigger than they really are. If you want to bring more light to your kitchen, white is the way to go.

2. It is always in fashion

Trends come and go, but white kitchen surfaces will always be in fashion. White countertops always look elegant and are easy to pair with. White countertops also look more hygienic and cleaner than other colours. When you choose white kitchen surfaces you will not have to think what colour is trendy this year, because white always is.

3. Everything is more visible on white

However, you should also know that spills, stains and watermarks are more visible on white than other colours. The con of having white surfaces is that you need to wipe them more frequently because everything is more visible on white.

4. It is easy to maintain

On the other hand, quartz is very easy when it comes to maintaining. It is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t absorb liquids. Such materials are highly resistant to staining. This will make your life easier because you will have no problems removing the spills. Quartz also has a sleek surface which makes the cleaning effortless; in just a few wipes you will have your white surfaces super clean and ready for use.

5. Variety of choices

In our range, you will find several white quartz options, ones with subtle veining and others that are almost completely solid in colour. The veining can vary in intensity, thickness and colour. Quartz can also look like other stones, such as marble while retaining its advantages. You will have the same look, but with improved characteristics, such as stain resistance and durability.

If you are willing to maintain your white quartz regularly, there are no real reasons why you shouldn’t choose it. Quartz is highly staining resistant and you will not have to worry about having permanent stains on your surfaces. Super white quartz stone is a great way to make your kitchen elegant and sophisticated without trying too much.

Have more questions about white quartz kitchen surfaces? Please feel free to contact us for more details.