Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colours


Quartz countertops are manufactured and made of quartz stone, resins and pigments. Quartz has a very versatile colour range and it can also look like other stones. In our range, you will find some of the most beautiful colours that will be easy to adapt to in both traditional and modern style kitchens. Find out about our top 10 most popular quartz colours for countertops from our range.

1. Everest
Everest is a light cream colour with a yellow undertone. It has a very subtle and thin grey veining. This colour will be the perfect choice for small, romantic kitchens.

2. Brillo Noir
Brillo Noir is classic starlight quartz. It has a pitch-black background and tiny white specks scattered all over the surface. This is a perfect colour to combine with white cabinets to achieve a dramatic contrast.

3. Caffé Gris
As the name suggests, this is a coffee colour without a noticeable pattern. This colour is a perfect choice to pair with light beige cabinets. The combination will give a bit more traditional, but sophisticated vibes.

4. Ice Branco
A light grey colour is always a popular choice because it goes well with everything. This one has a subtle granulated pattern, which is so subtle you will be only able to see it up close.

5. Florence
Florence is a cool-toned white with subtle grey splashes of colour. This delicate and sophisticated colour will be an excellent choice for a small kitchen because it will make them look bigger.

6. Milano
Milano is dark grey with a very subtle granulated pattern. This colour will be excellent for contemporary style kitchens because it doesn’t have too many details.

7. Light Carrara
This colour looks like a famous marble Carrara. It has a cool-toned white background and thin grey veining. This is a classic colour choice that will never go out of fashion.

8. Calacatta Milan
Calacatta is another famous marble type, recognizable by the clear white background and sharp veining. It has few variations, depending on the background colour intensity and the veining colour. This one has a golden-grey veining on a beigy-white background.

9. Roma Black
It wouldn’t be a complete list without a veined black colour. Colours like this one are so popular because they are very sophisticated, yet simple. Roma Black has a pitch-black background with crispy white veining.

10. San Vincente
San Vincente is a very light grey colour with a very subtle veined pattern. This is the perfect choice for all of you who would like a really pale colour that is not simply white.

Even if you don’t choose a colour from this list, you will most certainly be able to find a perfect colour for your kitchen. We have a beautiful colour range consisting mostly of classic choices that will pair well with different cabinetry colours.

Need more help choosing the perfect quartz countertop colour for you? Please feel free to contact us free samples and expert advice.