10 Benefits You Should Know About Quartz Marble Range


If you are looking to recreate the look of Marble on a budget, then Quartz Marble effect stone is one of your best options. While Natural Marble offers absolute stunning beauty, there is a long list of advantages to Quartz Marble and why, in some cases, it is more beneficial.
Quartz Marble effect may be more cost effective, but is it right for you? We will discuss some of the benefits of it, so you can decide for yourself.

#1 Budget Friendly Marble

As we briefly touched on above, Quartz Marble is entirely budget friendly. Natural Marble comes with a hefty price tag which not everyone can afford, so if you are looking to recreate the look on a much tighter budget, it can certainly be achieved.

#2 Maintenance

One of the downfalls to Natural Marble is the maintenance level that is required over the lifetime. To keep Marble non-porous and in top condition, it needs to be sealed regularly which takes time and money. With Quartz Marble, this cost and time just is not there. Quartz is a non-porous stone and will never require any treatments. Additionally, Quartz Marble is also easier to keep clean day-to-day too.

#3 Choosing the Pattern

Unlike Marble, Quartz Marble is customisable. With Natural Marble you are unable to choose the pattern you get and you quite simply get what you are given. However, when you purchase Quartz Marble you are able to choose the pattern you would like. Prefer larger veining? No problem!

#4 Choosing the Colour

Additionally, you are also able to choose the colour that you wish for your Quartz Marble too. If you would prefer the veining to be a colour, or the base, then the choice is completely yours! With Quartz Marble, you have complete freedom.

#5 Hygienic

When it comes to purchasing and installing Quartz Marble, it is perfect for being placed within the kitchen and bathroom in particular as it is super hygienic. It’s non-porous qualities mean that it will forever be a hygienic stone. When you spill liquid, absolutely no fluid will soak into the surface and harbour any bacteria; instead the spillage will remain on top of the surface until cleaned away.

#6 Stain Resistant

In addition to above, marble effect quartz is also stain resistant too which is perfect for every home. When you accidentally spill a substance, quickly wipe away with ease of mind that even the most staining products will not leave a mark behind as long as it is dealt with quickly.

#7 Durable Surface

As Quartz Marble has been man made, it has therefore been designed to be durable and long lasting for every homeowner. Quartz Marble has been designed to last a lifetime and will likely last for many years without needing to be changed or renewed.
As long as you take proper care of your surface, there is no reason why it would need to be changed and it can withstand high amounts of traffic throughout the home.

#8 Scratch Resistant

Quartz Marble range is also perfect for both kitchen and bathroom areas. Both of these areas in the home are likely to have various sharp objects used almost daily and therefore having a scratch resistant surface is paramount.

#9 Tough to Crack

Even though is not impossible to break, it is very difficult to damage at all making it perfect for high traffic areas and family homes.

#10 Choosing the Finish

Lastly, you will be able to further customise your surface by having the freedom to choose the finish of your surface too. Whether you want it to be glossy or matte, the choice is completely up to you.