10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Stone

You will have heard a lot of noise on the home décor front about the perks of classic quartz stone when renovating your kitchen and picking out a new worktop. This is basically because there are a lot of perks to talk about!

Picking a material for your new worktop is sometimes difficult if you don’t really know what you’re doing, and if you’re stuck between two choices, how do you make the final decision?

Well, let’s go over in a little more detail about why you should choose classic quartz stone, to help clear up any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

  1. Quartz is available in countless different colours and patterns – You can choose basically whatever shade you want and it will look fantastic! It’s always a good idea to put plenty of though into this process, so the colour you opt for will last for several redecorations too.
  1. Quartz is a very strong and durable stone – This is a natural stone which is mined from the earth. When you have a classic quartz stone worktop installed, you are getting around 93% original stone with only 7% added in for resin/the colour you choose. This means it is going to last you a long time and is going to be strong.
  1. Quartz is non-porous – The non-porosity of stone means that it won’t absorb water or bacteria. This makes it much less likely to suffer damage and it will also be a much more hygienic choice too.
  1. Quartz is highly scratch resistant – It’s always a good idea to avoid using sharp knives directly on any stone surface, but quartz is likely to stand up to the test a little more than some other stones of its kind, such as marble or granite.
  1. Quartz is also highly heat resistant – Again, don’t put hot pans down on the surface on a regular basis, but generally speaking, quartz is extremely resistant to heat and therefore shouldn’t leave marks.
  1. Quartz is not going to break easily – We mentioned that quartz comes from the earth’s surface, and this means that if you bang it, drop it (perhaps before installation), or do something else, it’s not going to break without serious force.
  1. Quartz doesn’t need any maintenance – After the initial installation process, quartz will not need anything else doing to it, other than regular cleaning. Marble and granite will need annual sealing to keep them strong, but quartz does not.
  1. Quartz is easy to clean – Simply use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth, and you’re good to go!
  1. Quartz is cost effective – The fact that your work surface is going to last you for many years to come makes it cost effective, because provided you choose the colour carefully, you’re not going to have to deal with replacing it early – money saved!
  1. Quartz basically looks fantastic – As part of a modern or traditional kitchen scheme, quartz is a very flexible and beautiful choice to go for.

There are ten reasons to give you plenty of food for thought where classic quartz stone is concerned. Whether you’re opting for your bathroom or your kitchen, or perhaps even thinking about classic quartz stone as a flooring option, you’re sure to find great satisfaction in your choice.