Best Quartz Stone Colour for Green Kitchen Units

Green Kitchen UnitsHome decor fashions are constantly shifting and changing, but you don’t always have to follow the crowd to be fashionable. Kitchen cupboards and work surfaces do not have the be the standard white or black, they can be anything you want them to be! Similarly, your kitchen units can follow any trend you like, and one which is certainly making waves, is to go green, in more ways than one.

It all totally depends on your kitchen of course, but there are a number of ways you can spruce up the appearance of an old space, or a new one, by adding a splash of colour. You can go neon (if you really want to), glossy, granite, pastel, or somewhere in the middle, but green is certainly the new, well, black!

Mix and Match Your Quartz Stone Colour

If you have green units, it’s a good idea to go muted with your choice of quarter stone top, and whether you go glossy or gravel is really a personal decision. Lime green kitchen units look fantastic with glossy white quarter countertops and these are easy to wipe clean also. We know that quartz is a strong and hard surface, so you’re sure to have a smooth working environment for preparing your tasty dishes in the kitchen! Now, if you go for a more pastel green hue, a beige or cream colour is a wonderful accompaniment, or even a pine wood effect to give it a country cottage kind of vibe, which is a timeless effect for a kitchen.

Great options for quartz countertops when paired with green units are:

  • A choice between gravel, gloss, or simple coloured effects;
  • Plain white, usually glossy;
  • A natural pine wood effect, not actually wood but mock effect;
  • Sage green or bright citrus green are both popular hues, at opposite ends of the scale;
  • For a timeless look, go muted rather than bright;
  • If you are going for a glossy bright look, or a glossy look in general, go for silver cupboard handles to go hand in hand with the overall design;
  • Beige may clash, but a light stone colour will work very well;
  • Black may be too dark for green cupboards, go with something lighter.

How to Choose Your Ideal Quartz Stone Colour

When choosing your ideal quartz stone colour to pair with your ultra-modern green units, always remember to get a colour match first. You can take a sample (paper or material, of course) back home to check against your existing units, to check whether it goes well or not. Make sure you pick a few on your short list, and admire them from different angles, whilst also asking for advice. The colours and finish may also look different in dim light and sunlight, so be sure to check this out too.

On top of this, don’t go for fads, because these are not cost effective in the long run. We mentioned before about not following fashion; if the fashion is a durable one, i.e. not extremely bright or patterned, then go for it, if you love it, but if it’s a little ‘out there’ be warned that you might completely tire of the idea and design after a short while, which is going to work out a costly fad to endure.

Maybe it’s time to go green?