12 Modern Quartz Stone Colours for Large Kitchens

quartz-colours-for-worksurfaces copy

Quartz is one of the most sought-after materials in recent years. It provides excellent characteristics while bringing beauty and elegance to your kitchen. The availability of this material has expanded over the past several years and quartz has become widely available. For many home designers, this is the first choice for kitchen countertops. If you are going with just one colour for your kitchen countertops it is best to choose classic colours that will look elegant.
Are you thinking about quartz for your kitchen countertops, but haven’t decided about the colour? Here’s our list of the 12 best quartz colours for large kitchens.

1. Calaccata

This style is from marble range; it has the appearance of famous Calaccata marble while bringing the additional qualities. It has very bold grey veining on a white surface. This is a classic choice one can’t go wrong with.

2. Brillo Noir

Imagine having a night sky on your countertops? This style is exactly that, it is a black with very fine white dots all over it, which resemble the night sky.

3. Milano

This style comes from our Premier range. It is a mid-toned solid grey. This style is excellent for all sorts of combinations, with both light and dark toned cabinets.

4. Marbe Gris

A mid-toned brown with a grey undertone, that will look gorgeous in traditional style kitchens, paired with light-toned wooden cabinets.

5. Platino Gris

This style has a grey toned background with black and white dots splashed all throughout it. This is an excellent choice if you want a grey countertop that is not completely a solid colour.

6. Seregenti

One of the most unique styles, it has a grey surface with a blue undertone and blue veining that is scattered like stardust. Combinations with blue toned cabinets will leave everyone speechless.

7. Palazzo

This style is sought-after because it is very recognizable and unique; it has a grey surface with yellow undertone with rusty and black veining creating a unique picture. Combinations with this style are countless.

8. Café Gris

This is a solid café-beige. The combinations with dark toned cabinets will give a dramatic look to your kitchen, while combinations with light-toned cabinets will give an elegant vibe to your kitchen.

9. Botticino

If you like beige countertops, but want something a bit more interesting than a solid colour, then Botticino is the right choice for you. It has very fine white veining.

10. Matt Blanc

As the name suggests, this is a white matte colour. It has a completely solid colour with a cool undertone. This style will give elegance and simplicity to your kitchen.

11. Statuario

This style resembles famous Statuario marble while preserving the characteristics of the material. It has a white surface with irregular, thin grey veining.

12. Arabescato

Another marble looking style, it has a blue veining that draws a beautiful picture on white canvas. It will add luxury and opulence to your kitchen.

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