4 Stylish Quartz Leather Range Colours for Kitchen Surfaces

Gravel (1)

Here at Classic Quartz Stone, we offer a service that will template, supply and fit a range of materials for kitchen surfaces. One of our most popular stones is Quartz and within that range we have an additional Quartz range that are Quartz leather colours. Our Quart leather range offers a unique appearance unlike any other!
With the benefits of Quartz, you will not be disappointed as it is perfectly paired with a style unlike any other stone.


Leather Range Colours


#1 Calacatta Leather


Our Calacatta Leather colour is one of our light grey/off white colours. The base colour is matched with beige markings which give the appearance of leather rips which offer that rustic style that so many homeowners are looking for. Additionally, some people may be able to look at this colour and see that the markings are quite similar to that of Marble in the way that the markings of ‘leather rips’ follow the same pattern.


#2 Boston


Another one of our grey colours within this range is this Boston colour. The base colour for this one is once again light grey but with a slight darker grey for the markings throughout the design. These markings are very thin lines that run throughout the slab which work at creating the appearance that the leather is cracking. Once again, offering that beautiful rustic appearance but still different to our last.


#3 Gravel


As you can see, we love our grey colours within this Quartz leather range. Gravel is one of our medium to light grey colours that have thousands of lighter grey speckles running throughout and all over the surface of the slab. These speckles work at creating the appearance of small stones that are on the surface. Gravel offers a look very similar to Granite and for that reason may prove extremely popular!


#4 Statuario Leather


Very similar to Calacatta Leather, our Statuario Leather colour has dark grey veining that gives off the appearance of ripping of the leather. Additionally, some people may see this design again as being very similar to the pattern of Marble, but without the price tag attached. This colour may be similar to our other leather ripped effect slab, however the veining on this particular colour is thicker than the last so it gives an altogether different appearance that will suit a different kitchen style. The base colour for this slab is a light grey.


Final Thoughts


As you can see from reading the above guide to our Quartz leather range colours, we love grey! And that is because grey is such an on trend colour at the moment and does not feel like it will ever go out of style. Regardless of your overall colour theme within the kitchen, grey is a perfect colour as it will always match well against the colour and shade of your choice. You can also use it in a range of ways, for example if you wanted to be bold and go for bright yellows, you can. Or if you prefer, you could stick to a more neutral colour and choose lighter shades to complement it.
You can even switch the design up whenever you wish without worrying about being restricted with the accessories.