5 Modern Classic Quartz Colours for Kitchen Worktops

Classic Quartz Stone

Choosing from and deciding on a colour for your kitchen worktop can be a difficult process, after all this will hopefully be a worktop that you are going to have installed for many years to come. Most people only tend to renovate their home the once during their lifetime, so you want to get it right!
Here are five of our favourite Classic Quartz colours that you can choose from when designing your kitchen worktops & countertops.


Botticino is one of our lighter colours, with a base of creamy/beige. On top of the cream colour are markings of white throughout giving a perfect contrast in light and darker. If you are searching for a colour that will bring out the freshness of your kitchen while creating the illusion of a larger space, this just may be your perfect choice!

Glitter Branco

Much like the name suggests, this particular slab colour has big chunks of stones, mirror and glass which gives it slab the appearance of having glitter throughout. Placed on a white base, the glitter creates a glamourous feel perfect for any home.

Classic Gris

Classic Gris is one of our slightly darker colours yet remaining neutral. It has a grey base colour with spots entirely throughout made up of darker colours. The overall slab also gives off the slight hint of colour too, which is great for anyone wanting something slightly different to the usual choices.


Sepia is one of our off-white colours, which has been complimented well with tiny dots and spots throughout which are a light grey colour, giving it some contrast. This is perfect for anyone who wants a lighter colour but not wanting to go quite as bright as white with a subtle pattern.

Classic Bianco

Classic Bianco is last on our list of modern colours; however it certainly is not the least. Classic Bianco is one of the most popular colours to choose because it offers a fresh, stunning yet timeless piece to any home.
Classic Bianco is a plain, solid white colour which brings out the light in any room and will work at creating the illusion of a much larger space.