8 Reasons to Choose Classic Quartz for Your Kitchen


For your home renovation project, the biggest decision is selecting which materials to choose for different areas and uses around the home. Classic Quartz is perfect residential and commercial projects, offering many advantages, so hopefully this article will help you decide why Classic Quartz stone can work for you.

#1 Nature meets technology

Classic Quartz is an amazing combination of nature and technology. It consists of 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Resin. This is what gives Classic Quartz is strength and fantastic appearance.

#2 Non-Porous

Classic Quartz is brilliant for being a non-porous material, which is perfect for the kitchen area. If you accidentally spill something on the surface, then there is no reason to worry because it can be easily wiped away leaving no marks behind at all.

#3 Hygienic

As Classic Quartz is non-porous, it means that it is a great material for being hygienic. Hygiene is vital for kitchens as you will be primarily spending your time in there preparing food and drinks. As it is non-porous, no spillages will soak into the surface leaving bacteria to harbour.

#4 Heat and Scratch Resistant

Classic Quartz is also perfect for the kitchen as it is heat and scratch resistant. Two of the most commonly found things in kitchens is sharp objects and heat, so it is vital to have a surface that can withstand both. Whether you accidentally slip with a sharp knife onto the surface while preparing food, or you accidentally place hot pots directly onto the surface, you will never have to worry as it will be tough to damage the surface.
However, we recommend you continue using heat pads and chopping boards as you usually would to prevent and minimise any risk.

#5 Flexible

When it comes to using Classic Quartz stone within the kitchen area, why stop at the worktop? Classic Quartz is perfect for interior application such as worktops, flooring and vertical applications. So you will have the freedom to use Classic Quartz around the kitchen as much as you can think of.

#6 Low Maintenance

Classic Quartz is perfect for being low maintenance as you will never have to worry about any long term cost commitment. You will never have to take into account any sealing or treatments every year, like you do with natural stones. Classic Quartz is also incredibly easy to keep clean day to day too, with just a mild soap and water.

#7 UV Resistant

Will your Classic Quartz stone surface be in direct sunlight? Then you will never have to worry because it will never fade or damage the look of Classic Quartz. So you will have the freedom of placing your Classic Quartz stone around the kitchen, wherever you like the look of.

#8 Budget Friendly

Lastly, one of the best things about Classic Quartz is that it is incredibly affordable, being available on most of the worktops fabricators all across the UK. For our approved fabricators or further details  about quartz stone wholesale please contact us.