Why Classic Quartz Slabs?

Quartz-Slabs-Wholesale-Slough-1024x450There are many great quartz slabs wholesale distributors in the UK, all with their own unique styles and ranges, Classic Quartz is one of many of these distributors which also has its own unique style.

We believe transparency is an incredibly important factor with any business, which is why you can expect 100% honesty about our prices 1and the quality of our wholesale quartz slabs.

We sell wholesale slabs to many great companies, all over the UK, and offer unparalleled service which is uncharacteristic, even amongst companies which charge more for their products.

We source our quartz slabs globally, and out skilled technicians analyse every slab before sending them off. Our slabs are know for their:

  • Durability;
  • Ease of fabrication;
  • Quality of resin;
  • Quality of Quartz.


We offer our slabs at extremely competitive prices, with the quality of an extreme high end manufacturer. The advantage of being smaller than huge companies like Silestone and Caesar Stone is, we can give you the highest level of service without the sacrifice of quality. This could only be achieved by making huge sacrifices to our profit margins.

The quality of resin used gives the quartz an uncanny solid form, which enables it to be used as a chopping board. Our quartz does not stain 2at all and also will not scratch.

Quartz is ideal for food preparation as the unified body and structure gives an absolute and consistent surface area, which not only distributes natural heat evenly, but also enables virtually no maintenance and no sealing, which is a distinct advantage when compared to other rocks such as granite and marble.

Our Quartz can also be cut into various other styles and shapes, such as sinks, tabletops, flooring, desktops and many others.

Our quartz is virtually scratch and stain proof, with only excessive force with an extremely sharp object and extreme levels of heat being capable of causing minor damage. Quartz is completely fine to prepare and cut food on, and is more hygienic than a conventional wooden chopping board.

To clean, a simple wipe-down with soap is sufficient, and will perpetuate your worktops’ radiance.

Quartz is ranked a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, ranked lower than only Ruby, Topaz and Diamond.

The companies we supply can guarantee 100% satisfaction and a 10 year warranty on all products. All slabs are available for examination before purchase, so you can guarantee the highest level of  service and quality.

Our quartz is inspected at every stage in the production process, the crystals we use are 100% pure and free from pollutants and other foreign materials.

We realise that producing quartz is often very damaging to the environment, which is why we source our products responsibly to ensure minimum impact on the environment.

Our wholesale quartz slabs are delivered free within a day of ordering, and can be delivered to many different areas. Samples can be also delivered free, at your request.