How to Choose the Right Quartz Stone Colour for Your Worktops


When deciding on the colour of your worktop, it can often take longer than when you were deciding which material to use. Whether you are trying to go for a completely different look to what you have now or going for something similar, it is not always an easy decision.
But one thing for sure is that you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect Quartz stone colour for you and here is how to do it!

Clean and Fresh

The colour you ultimately decide will have a huge part in how clean your room looks day to day. If you choose a very light or pale colour, you are going to find it a bit harder to keep looking clean when compared to darker colours. However, very dark colours can also have this affect too. Often a medium coloured shade is the best bet but it all comes down to your individual lifestyle.

Size of Your Room

When it comes to selecting the colour, you need to consider how big (or small) the room is. If you have a room on the smaller side, then a lighter colour would work great at creating the illusion of a larger room, if this is something you are thinking about.

Sample a few Patterns

Once you have narrowed down the colours that you are liking the look of, then select a few of your favourite patterns of that colour. Even if you are set on a plain colour it would be a great choice to take a look at some other patterns out there from quartz bookmatch,  speckled, dotted to veined. You never know, you may surprise yourself and it is better to take a look now than to wish you did later on down the line. Quartz marble effect range is one of the most popular choice.


If you are keeping hold of your current accessories, then you need to consider which colours will go perfectly. But you may want to go with a more neutral colour so that you can switch and change around the accessories over the years. After all, it is much easier to change accessories than it is to change surfaces!

Your Style

Lastly, you need to of course select a colour, pattern and finish that is exactly what you like. Do not be fooled to go for something that is on trend, if it is not what you usually go for. After all, you need to be happy with your choice ad to be comfortable living with it for many years to come.