Is Quartz Good for Bathroom Countertops? Top Pros & Cons

detail of washbasin in a modern bathroom with television and large mirror

Quartz is an engineered stone, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The fact that quartz is a man-made product means that it can be altered to have improved characteristics than natural stones. This also means that the colour of quartz can be modified with pigments in order to have more unusual colours that can’t be found in nature.

Quartz is very often used for kitchen countertops, but it can be also used in bathrooms. Continue reading to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of quartz bathroom countertops.


Quartz has a non-porous surface that doesn’t allow bacterial or viral growth, which is of importance in the bathroom.

Quartz is very durable and with proper maintenance will last you a lifetime. We offer a 10-year warranty on all of our quartz slabs.

Low maintenance
To clean quartz countertops, all you need is water and soap. It is important to add that quartz does not need the seal.

Quartz resists cracking, chipping and scratching very well.

The versatility of styles and colours
Quartz bathroom worktops come in a variety of colours, making it easier to fit in your bathroom. You can choose the options with veining that imitates natural stones or go with the solid colour.


Not heatproof
Sudden changes in temperature can damage quartz countertops, like putting away a still hot hair dryer on your bathroom countertop. Avoid those situations by using a mat.

Chemical Sensitivity
Cleaning agents that contain bleach and acid can damage the surface of quartz countertop and ware of its shine. Instead, use soap and water for cleaning.

Not stain proof
Although quartz is stain resistant, it is not stain proof. Some liquids, like nail polish, can stain your bathroom countertop if not removed on time.

The veining in quartz often looks symmetrical and generic, because normally quartz doesn’t have veining. When compared to natural stones, where each vein is unique and different from the other, quartz veining looks uninformed.

Quartz is a good option for bathroom countertops; it holds great against at the time, it is very easy to clean and maintain. It can fit easily in any bathroom style because it has the widest colour range of all countertop materials. It is highly hygienic and it will not scratch or crack easily. On the other hand, you should be aware that it is sensitive to harsh cleaners and that it can be damaged by high temperature.

At Classic Quartz Stone we sell the highest quality quartz slabs at competitive prices. We have numerous options to choose from: marble imitation, solid colours or even the options with leather finishes. We are sure that you can find the style that will fit your needs, whether you are remodelling a residential or commercial bathroom. For more information about our quartz stone range, please contact us.