Quartz Marble Effect Colours for Kitchen Surfaces


Quartz is a very interesting product that can have the appearance of other stones while preserving its qualities. One of those stones is marble that is recognized by its veining. Quartz can look very much like marble, no one will ever tell a difference. Not only that it will bring such beauty to your kitchen, but it also has characteristics that are of value in the kitchens.

It is very easy to maintain, it is hard to scratch or stain, will handle the high impact of force with ease…It is a truly high-quality product that will last you for a very long time.

If you have decided to go with quartz marble effect for your kitchen surfaces, but still haven’t decided about the colour, here is a brief overview to guide you.


Crete is a white with yellow undertone and very dimmed veining. It will look beautiful in both large and small kitchens.


This colour has very irregular veining, that is at times bold and thick and at times thin. It will look gorgeous as an accent on your kitchen island.


This is a deep grey with very fine darker veining. It is an excellent choice for contemporary style kitchens.


Palazzo is a mid-toned grey with yellow and black veining running through it. This style is very unique and it can be used as an accent as well as the only colour for the kitchen surfaces.

Statuario Milan

Statuario Milan is one of the most famous marble styles, that is a timeless option. It is white with very thin and fine veining.


If you like Statuario, but want something with a bit more pronounced veining, than Calaccata is the right choice for you.

Calaccata Milan

Calaccata Milan is similar to the Statuario Milan, but the undertone of the background and veining is different. Calaccata is a bit warmer toned then Statuario.


Empire is a very dark grey with dimmed veining. Combinations with lightly toned cabinets will give a well-balanced composition.

Marbe Cararra

This is a white with slight yellow undertone and a very fine but elegant veining. It is a classic you can’t go wrong with.

New England

This is a cool-toned white with thin grey veining. It can be combined well with both light and dark toned cabinets.


Leros is similar to New England, but it has a different, warmer undertone. As well as New England, it is very easy to combine with almost any colour of cabinets.


This is a mid-toned grey with thin black veining that draws a unique picture on the canvas.

San Vincente

This is white with blue undertone and so fine veining that you will be able to see it only when you get closer.


Olympia is a neural white with fine, thin grey veining. It will make a small kitchen look more open and spacious.

Have you already decided which quartz marble effect colour is yours? If yes, contact us and we will supply the highest quality quartz in no time and at competitive prices.