The Most Common 5 Colours for Quartz Worktops

quartz colours worktops

Very few worktops can surpass the beauty quartz brings to your home. Quartz worktops have the ability to bring depth, character and the feel good factor that most homeowners desire. Quartz boasts of the best qualities featured in laminates and stones alongside its own unique features.

Quartz designs began appearing in UK homes not long ago and the popularity later spread to America. Today, quartz work tops are among the best sellers with sales increasing by double digits in the last decade.

Choosing the right colour for your quartz worktop doesn’t come easy. Besides the nightmare of choosing between the numerous colours available, you will have to choose the colour for your fittings, walls, ceilings and cabinets. To make it easier for you, here is a small guide on the most common colours for quartz worktops.

The dazzling whites

Given the chemical composition of quartz worktops, it is impossible to have a pure white quartz worktop. Nevertheless, the beauty of the different white quartz worktop colours is also present in the subtle variations though with striking contrasts. The whites are available in different shades that will fit properly in modern décor. Some of the shades available are Bianco Grigio (has a subtle shade of grey) and Artico (has more white flecks).

  • Interior designers say that white quartz worktops give you a simple refined and simple feel while at the same time remain versatile and resilient.

50 shades of greys

Choosing a grey quartz worktop is more often than not for its flexibility as it seeks to emphasize a simplistic surrounding. Alternatively, shades of grey play an anaglyphical role to offer an alternative focal point. Our home designer say that grey quartz worktops have the ability to bring a downplayed, yet strong aura to a décor of your choice. Grey is not as grey as it sounds. There are many different shades of grey quartz available with some having flecks of pinks, whites, blues and blacks.

  • Grey quartz worktops will compliment wooden finishes and cabinets whether painted or in clear gloss. The most popular greys are Starlight Grigio and Concrete

Alluring Aquas, Greens & Blues

If you are out to make a bold statement in your home, you will want to consider aqua, blue or green quartz. We have noted that most homeowners are increasingly interested in this stylish choice of quartz worktops. The crisply fresh range of colours looks amazing in bathrooms and kitchens. And the vibrant colours are not only restricted to glass houses and modern rooms.

  • The aquas, greens and blues look amazing with many fixture designs.

Browns and cream shakes

Well, this might be surprising… cream and brown quartz options have become increasingly popular. In fact, there are threatening to take over from the black options as being the top seller. Brown and cream quartz worktops make it possible to decorate in a neutral colour palette without compromising the style, class or even overpowering the room. This gives home decorators flexibility and gives a classic feel to the kitchen and the home in general.

  • These colours are exceptionally awesome when paired with darker cabinets, tiles or walls.

Shining yellows and blazing oranges

I know you didn’t see it coming. Yellow and orange quartz have a way to brighten any room. It is especially great when used in a sunny, warm room. Like many other quartz worktop colours, yellow and orange come in both course and fine colours. A wide variety of yellows and oranges are available given that these quartz will have flecks of light brown to green. Yellow and orange quartz colours are good when used in modern type of settings as they are bright and fresh.

  • Our decor experts from ClassicQuartzStone are confident that yellow and orange quartz worktop colours are very versatile allowing flexibility with your additional decor choices.