Quartz Marble Effect Stone – Pros & Con


Quartz is a manufactured product, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. Because of this, quartz can be altered to have the effect of marble, while keeping the characteristics of its own.

We are bringing you top pros and cons of quartz marble effect stone, to help you vague whether that’s the right choice for you.


Low maintenance
Quartz is one of the most appreciative materials when it comes to maintaining; it is very easy to clean with just soap and water and it doesn’t need sealing.

Stain resistant
Quartz is a non-porous material, which makes it resistant to stains. Because of this, spillages can’t penetrate its surface and leave a stain.

Can be used in many ways
Quartz can be used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, vanity units, backsplashes, shower walls…

More affordable
If you have a strict budget, but you want a marble effect, quartz is a great alternative. There are numerous patterns of quartz that imitate marble. You can take a look at our range here.

Highly hygienic
The non-porous surface is creditable for this attribute too; the surface makes impossible for bacteria and germs to harbour, keeping your worktops highly hygienic, which is very important when preparing food, for example.

Quartz is one of the toughest materials found in nature and it can handle heavy object well; just be sure not to drop something on edges, which are more prone to cracking or breaking.


Restricted to indoor use only
Resin, one of the materials used in the process of manufacturing, is not UV stable, which makes quartz restricted to indoor use only. Exposure to the sun can fade the colour trough time.

Chemical Sensibility
Highly alkaline or acidic cleaners can damage the surface of quartz slabs and you should avoid such cleaning agents at every occasion. If your slabs accidentally come in contact with such cleaners, neutralize its effect with water.

Quartz is very dense and heavy material; some cabinets may require structural reinforcement before the installation of worktops.

Can be damaged by sudden temperature changes
Quartz holds up well against high temperatures, but sudden changes of temperature with high amplitude can damage it. We recommend always using mats and trivets and not putting hot objects directly on quartz worktop.

Quartz is a great alternative to marble; it can have a very similar appearance, and only the experts will recognize the difference between quartz marble effect stone and real marble. Once you have your quartz worktops installed, you can forget about them; they require the lowest level of maintenance. The non-porous surface will make sure that the cleaning and wiping of the spills are easy and will not leave a residue on your worktops. Just be careful not to use harsh chemicals.

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