Top 5 Quartz Premier Slabs Colours for Bathroom Countertops

Quartz Premier Slabs Colours for Bathroom Countertops

Our Quartz Premier range is perfect for being situated within the bathroom, thanks to it being a non-porous stone it is known for being an extremely hygienic stone. With Quartz, it will never hold onto any bacteria or harbour any liquids that go onto the surface, so you will never have to worry about your bathroom being clean again.
Additionally, our Quartz Premier slabs are very simple to keep clean and just a basic mixture of soap and water will be enough to ensure appropriate cleaning. Our slabs are also scratch resistant, to keep your bathroom countertops looking great and as it is a non-porous material you will never have to worry about spilling your beauty products such as make up, nail varnish or other products that typically stain.

Our Quartz Premier slabs get their variety of colours and patterns from being made of 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Polymer Resins. We add in a variety and combination of Granite, Christobalite, Glass Chips, Pigments and Mirror Chips to give each of our colours a different look.
To help you select the perfect slab for your bathroom countertops, we have created a list of our top 5 colours.

Light Carrara

Much like the name suggests, this particular colour slab is one of our lightest. The main colour in the background is an off white colour with a Marble effect that has been created with grey veining. This would be the perfect addition to any bathroom for those who are looking for a light shade but did not want to make the commitment of having white. This particular colour will give the appearance of your bathroom being much larger than it is, which makes it great for both small and large bathrooms alike.
Along with most of our colours, this is a neutral colour and therefore you would never have to worry about redecorating, switching your colour theme or changing your accessories in the future. You will not have to change your bathroom countertop unless you decide you really want to.

Valencia Verde

Our Valencia Verde slab is a beautiful dark grey colour which is so dark it is almost black in shade, which is brilliantly on trend at the moment. So if you are the kind of person who likes to keep up with the trends then this is the slab for you! With the main colour being grey, it has a Marble effect on top that has been created using a lighter grey veining.
Once again, this is a very neutral colour and therefore is great for people who like to switch up their accessories or colour themes from time to time without the added expense of having to change everything including bathroom countertops.

Marbre Gris

This Marbre Gris colour slab is very traditional in appearance and continues to be a very popular choice for countertops around the house, let alone within the bathroom. This particular slab has been made up of a mixture of browns ranging from light, medium to dark shades. These colours all make up the pattern through the tiny dots that come together to form the colour.

Platino Branco

This Quartz Premier slab is another one of our off white shades, which again is perfect for anyone who wants a very bright colour without going for white. With the main colour being an off white, there are glass chips that have made up the pattern that goes perfectly. With the appearance of big pieces of glitter and off white, is offers a very luxurious feel to it which is almost too perfect for bathroom countertops.

Plantino Gris Noir

Our Platino Gris Noir Quartz Premier slab has been made with a dark grey as its main colour with a mixture of black, white and light grey pieces of large chips. Dark grey is fantastic for anyone who is wanting to go dark but their bathroom would not suit a shade as dark as black. Grey is an on trend colour that will never go out of style, so if you are wanting to remain current with the modern trends then grey is definitely the shade for you to consider.