Why Classic Quartz is Best For Kitchen Worktops

classic quartzIt is important to get your decision bang on correct when it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop. That might sound like something that really doesn’t have too much importance in the grand scheme of life, but if you get your decision wrong, not only are you going to be unhappy with the appearance of your kitchen overall, but you’re just going to spend cash on something you don’t really like.

If you don’t do your research and you make a fast-acting decision then you are probably going to want to replace your work surface much faster than if you’d thought it through properly and gone for something which would really serve you well. Of course, it’s not just about the material, but the colour too. Classic quartz can be great for your kitchen worktop.

Have You Heard of Classic Quartz?

Classic quartz is an extremely durable and positive choice to go for when choosing your kitchen work surface.

Let’s explore why.

  • Quartz is non-porous – Liquid will not be absorbed into the material, which prevents breakage, lifting, and also keeps bacteria away. Certain other materials are much more porous than quartz, and that means they can harbour germs, which can be harmful to health.


  • Quartz doesn’t chip or break easily – You would have to seriously hammer on the work surface with something extremely heavy to break it, because it is so hard-wearing and durable. This means your work surface is going to last you much longer, and you don’t need to be as careful as you would have to be with some other surfaces, such as marble, for example.


  • Quartz doesn’t need regular sealing – Other materials will need periodic sealing to keep them in tip-top condition, but after the initial installation, quartz does not require this. For this reason, quartz is much more hard-wearing and requires less in the way of maintenance, other than the usual cleaning, as you would with anything else in your house.


  • Quartz is available in a large range of different colours – There is a shade to suit every requirement, whether you want something bright, or something muted. Obviously it’s best to go for something neutral, because you can work around it whenever you want to redecorate, but you could always make your work surface the key feature in your kitchen, and go for something a little more sparkly!


  • Quartz is cost effective – Because natural quartz is available widely, that means you can shop around and find a deal that suits your budget, without being forced to go with one particular manufacturer. On top of this, your work surface will be subject to warranty, so it is covered for a certain length of time. Of course, the length of warranty depends on where you buy it from, so again, shop around for this particular requirement.


  • Quartz is heat resistant – You don’t need to worry about burning or marking your work surface, because a hot pan will not harm your natural quartz work surface at all.


These are the main reasons why natural Classic quartz is fantastic for your kitchen work surface. Many people also choose to go for natural quartz in the bathroom too, because it is so hard-wearing and resistant to heat, which could come into the fore when using hair styling tools etc.

Be sure to take a look on our site Classic Quartz Stone and find the best deal for you, and look forward to a long-lasting effect in your kitchen space.