10 Advantages of Porcelain Kitchen Worktops

Advantages of Porcelain Kitchen Worktops

So, you are considering using our porcelain slabs for your kitchen worktops. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should be choosing our slabs for your kitchen renovations over many other materials out there.

Easy Handling

Porcelain slabs are absolutely perfect for fitting and preparing for kitchen worktops as well as tables and cupboards. What makes it so great is that it is such as easy material to handle and cut in the factory, making it a quick process for us to give you overall satisfaction with our service and product.
As it can be cut with ease, it makes it possible to use for a greater range of products around your home such as table tops, any cupboards and more.

Scratch Resistant

Within kitchen areas there are a lot of heavy and sharp objects such as knives and scissors being used daily, so having a surface that is not easily scratched is a huge bonus. Our porcelain slabs do just this! You will find it much harder to scratch our porcelain surfaces with any sharp object that you will typically find and use within your kitchen every day, so you never have to worry about any accidents occurring.

Stain Resistant

With the kitchen being the area where up to 3 meals a day are prepared, there are going to be food items used that can be harsh on materials. But with our porcelain slabs you have ease of mind as they are incredibly stain resistant. Regardless of what food products you use, stains will be less likely to cling on to your worktop surface making it much easier for you to keep clean and tidy.


As so many meals and drinks are prepared within the kitchen area throughout the day, there is going to be plenty of spills that occur. But what we don’t want is our customers being dissatisfied and finding that their spillages are getting soaked into their worktop and damaging the surface, so we have made sure that our porcelain slabs are completely waterproof. Any spills that occur on your worktop will simply stay on the surface until it has been wiped off with a cloth, never soaking deeper into the worktop and risking water damage.

UV Resistant

With a lot of kitchen worktops, the colour tends to fade over the years but with our porcelain worktop slabs this will never happen thanks to it being resistant to UV rays. So you never have to worry about your worktop surface that is located directly underneath your window, in the way of direct sunlight, as this will have no effect on the long-term appearance of your worktop, keeping your porcelain worktop looking great for many years to come.

Tough Material

As our porcelain slabs are impact resistant, this means that impacts are less likely to damage your work surface. Our tough material will be sure to last longer within your kitchen with less bumps and marks than most other materials out there.
However, we do still advise that you take all precaution as normal to lengthen the life of your worktop even further.

Hygienic Surface

Porcelain is known as being one of the most antibacterial surfaces out there thanks to it being non-porous. This means that no bacteria will harbour or live beneath the surface, instead all will remain on top so that you can clean away all germs easily. The antibacterial surface will help to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic for many years to come and will never need a treatment to keep it working in this way.

Wear Resistance

Being wear resistant means that our worktops are less likely to be affected by the general wear and tear that comes with kitchen living. So you will never have to worry about general scuffs that may have occurred with other previous kitchen worktop materials.


As porcelain is very lightweight this makes it perfect for fitting with easy every time, first time. There is no risk of breakages during the fitting as it will require less people than some other materials out there on the market.

Heat Resistant

Lastly, our porcelain slabs are incredibly resistant to heat up to a certain temperature, which makes it perfect for the kitchen as the use of hot pots and pans is daily. Although, we still advise and recommend that you continue to use heat pads and other methods of protection as you normally would to prevent and lower any risk to damage and therefore lengthen the life of your worktop.
As long as you take care of your new porcelain worktops, they could last you for many years to come and continue looking as fresh and clean as the day you bought them.