10 Things You Should Know About Marbre Carrara



Marble is such a popular stone for homeowners and there is no confusion over why. However, it does come with a huge price tag attached. While it is beautiful, you have to pay for the appearance! And not only is Marble so expensive for the initial purchase but it also comes with long term commitments to cost as well, so you will need to allow for that.
If you cannot afford the real deal, the next best thing is Marbre Carrara which gives off the appearance of Marble, without the price tag.


Here are 10 things that you need to know about Marbre Carrara before you purchase.


#1 Say Bye to Downfalls of Marble


Marbre Carrara is perfect for all homeowners who want the benefits of Marble but do not like any of the downfalls that may come with it. For those homeowners, they can simply purchase Quartz that replicates the appearance – everyone wins!


#2 No Long-Term Maintenance


Marbre Cararra is completely man made, and therefore it does not need any long term maintenance at all. So, you will never have to worry about any treatments or sealants, as it will never have to be redone during its lifetime.


#3 Easy to Clean


As Marbre Cararra is completely man made, it is a non-porous material. When it comes to your daily cleaning routine, it could not be simpler. All you need to keep your Marbre Cararra looking clean and tidy is a wet cloth and some mild soap.


#4 Stain and Scratch Resistant


Marbre Cararra is absolutely perfect for anywhere around the house, especially for high traffic areas where there may be spillages or sharp objects. As Marbre Cararra is a non-porous material, it will never hold onto any spillages that occur or bacteria, making is such a clean surface. Because it will never hold onto any spillages it also means that there is no chance of staining occurring, as long as spillages are cleaned up very quickly.
To make the surface even better, it is also scratch resistant so if you ever happen to accidentally drop any sharp objects, then you will not have to worry about easily damaging the surface.


#5 Heat Resistant


Furthermore, Marbre Cararra is even more perfect for being in the kitchen because it is heat resistant too. The heat resistance feature within the material makes it perfect for being used within food preparation areas such as the kitchen. You will never have to worry about the heat damaging or affecting the surface, however we do still recommend that you continue to use all precautions to minimalize the potential risk.


#6 Almost All-Natural


Marbre Cararra is also almost an all natural stone, which makes it even more appealing to homeowners. While Marbre Cararra is a manufactured and man made, it contains 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Polymer Resins. If you are looking for a natural stone then this is the next best thing, without the cost.

#7 Flexibility


One of the best things about Marbre Cararra is that it is so flexible, and it can be used in a range of ways around the home. You will not be restricted as to where and how you can use the slabs, so whether you want it for a kitchen worktop, flooring, bathroom worktop or even on the walls, you have limitless choices.


#8 Two finishes


When it comes to purchasing Marbre Cararra you will also have two different finishes to choose from, which offer a different look altogether.
The first finish is matte which appears like a much more natural stone, but this will require more maintenance than our natural finish. However, it will still not need any sealing.
You can also choose from a gloss finish which offers a beautiful polished look on the surface.


#9 Budget Friendly


As Marbre Cararra is man made and is Quartz, it is one of the best options when it comes to budgets. If you are looking for a stunning stone but are looking to spend as little as possible, then this is one of the best options for you. You can get the appearance of Marble at just a fraction of the price.

#10 Durable


Lastly, when you spend your time and money renovating your home, you are going to want it to last as long as possible. The ultimate aim is to never have to replace or renew it at all. Marbre Cararra has been man made and therefore is far more durable and long lasting than Marble. So if you are looking for a surface to last you a life time, you may just be looking at your best choice.