20 Beautiful & Modern Classic Quartz Colours for 2019

Leros Quartz Kitchen

Quartz, as a man-made product, has a wide range of colours one can only imagine. What makes quartz so popular is that it can fit in almost any given style. Quartz can look like marble or granite while preserving its own characteristics. It can be for various elements of your home, from kitchen and bathroom countertops to floors. The options available with quartz are countless and one can get lost in so many colours, patterns and finishes. Therefore, we decided to present to you the 20 best Classic Quartz colours for 2019.

1. Calacatta
One of the most iconic marble looking styles is calacatta. Calacatta is white with very bold veining

2. Marbre Carrara
Another iconic marble style and a classic you can’t go wrong with.

3. Palazzo
What makes palazzo unique and recognizable, is its gold and black granulation.

4. Classic Bianco
This warm-toned white will go well with almost any colour of cabinets.

5. Olympia
Olympia’s veining is blurred which making this style very elegant and sophisticated.

6. Serengeti
Serengeti is a deep grey with a bit of blue in it and with fine, darker veining.

7. Brillo Noir
This dark black with white granulation will look excellent combined with light-coloured cabinets.

8. Milano
This is a solid mid-toned grey that will be very appreciative for all sorts of combinations.

9. Brillo Rogue
A very pronounced red, this style is for ones that want something out of the comfort zone.

10. Classic Gris
A bluish colour with black granulation will look stunning in your kitchen or bathroom.

11. Valencia Verde
Very dark grey with lighter toned veining is one of the classic and timeless options for your home.

12. Botticino
Boticcino is beige with white, distinct veining that draws a unique picture on the canvas.

13. Madeira
Madeira is a sophisticated choice characterized by very distinct gold and grey granulation.

14. Classic Bianco
This style is a classic white that goes well with both light and dark toned cabinets.

15. Cemento Ligero
This style is grey with saturated green granulation that is very easy to combine other colours.

16. Ibiza
A cool toned white with very distinct veining is a choice one simply can’t go wrong with.

17. Matt Blanc
If you want a matte finish, this is the style for you.

18. Café Gris
Café is a cool-toned brown with a solid surface, will look excellent in both traditional and modern style kitchens.

19. Platino Gris Noir
A midnight black with white granulation will give your kitchen a modern vibe that is unmatched.

20. Branco Cinzento
This solid, mid-toned grey is an excellent choice if you are looking just to replace the countertops because it will fit in any given style.

Have you already decided which Classic Quartz colour will fit your home style the best? If so, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the best quality price ratio!