5 Interesting Facts About Quartz Marbre Carrara

Quartz Marbre Carrara

Despite Marble being such a popular stone to have within homes and commercial properties, it requires much more maintenance than Classic Quartz Stone. Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara Stone has been designed to specifically look like real Marble without the high maintenance upkeep and costs.
But what makes Marbre Carrara a good choice? Find out below with our 5 facts about Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara.

Practically All-Natural Stone

Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara Stone has been manufactured with 93% Natural Quartz Stone with 7% Polymer Resins.

Perfect for a Range of Uses

Marbre Carrara is absolutely perfect to be used for a wide variety of purposes from countertops to flooring. This is because Marbre Carrara is extremely stain resistant due to it being a non-porous material.

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Unlike Marble, Marbre Carrara will never require any sealant to maintain its stain resistance properties. Therefore, your long-term costings are dropped dramatically – to pretty much zero.

It Comes in Two Finishes

The finish that you wish to have is completely up to you! You get to choose between a matte finish with offers the feel and appearance of a natural stone. The only downfall of this is that it will need more maintenance than the other finishing, however it will still never require any sealants.
The second finishing that you have to choose from is a gloss finish, which has a beautiful polished surface on offer.

What We Use

Here at Classic Quartz Stone we use only high quality materials to create our beautiful slabs. By using all of these, we are guaranteed to achieve a variety of colours.