5 Advantages of Black Classic Quartz Stone Surfaces

black classic quartzBlack classic quartz – what a fantastic combination! You made a great choice if you went down this route for either your kitchen or bathroom countertops. If you’re not sure, and you’re still weighing up your options however, you might need a little information in order to sway you in the right direction.

Why Choose Quartz?

You can choose between quartz, granite, or marble, and these all have a range of pros and cons to them. Quartz is popular for many reasons, including:

  • It is non-porous. Unlike many other stone types, quartz will now allow liquids or bacteria to seep inside, and that makes it a very hygienic choice to go for also. If a material is porous and liquid manages to find its way underneath the surface, over time this can cause cracks and damage, which dramatically cuts down on the life of the surface overall.
  • It is stain resistant. You can’t stain a quartz stone surface very easily, and that means it has a much longer life as a result. You don’t have to worry about what happens when you accidentally spill something on the surface, because as long as you wipe it up straight away, there is unlikely to be any issue resulting from it.
  • It is heat resistant. You don’t have to worry about putting hot pans or styling tools down on a quartz stone surface either, because it is extremely resistant to heat. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with using heat resistant pads or mats however, just to give you an extra slice of peace of mind.
  • It doesn’t need maintenance. Quartz is the only stone which doesn’t require any maintenance other than general cleaning, as you would do anyway. You don’t need to annual seal a quartz stone slab, because after the initial installation, the process doesn’t need to be repeated.


Why Choose Black?


Okay, now we know why you are making a great decision by choosing classic quartz, what colour are you going to go for? You should choose black for many reasons, but the main ones are that it looks stylish, and it is much easier to look after than white. We don’t want to talk about black ‘not showing the dirt’, because you’re obviously not going to leave your surface to become dirty, but the truth is that you do have a little leeway when you are choosing black, especially when you compare it to the high cleaning maintenance of white.

Black also goes with other colours very easily, so you have flexibility when you decide to change the décor of your kitchen, without having to change the work surface too. All of this adds up to a very sensible choice of colour when you go down the black option route.

So, black quartz, this is the recommendation we are making. This is a sensible combination too, and one which will certainly stand the test of time. If you are still undecided, simply head online and check out the various different shades of black you can go for – this is definitely not just a choice between jet black and jet black! There are light shades, mid shades, and dark shades, making black the perfectly flexible choice for your new kitchen or bathroom, and an extremely in-vogue choice too.

When does black ever go out of fashion? Never!