Top 5 Quartz Premier Slabs Range Colours

Quartz Premier SlabsFashions are constantly shifting and changing, not only in terms of hair, beauty, and clothing, but in anything home-related too. Whether we admit it or not, we all want to be the leader in our home, we all want to have something that the neighbours haven’t got, and when it comes to our kitchen, we all want to have the most multi-functional and attractive space we can get for our cash.

We know that kitchen countertops are the staple of the kitchen, and we also know that quartz is one of the most common and popular materials to use. Why? Because it is durable, doesn’t harbour bacteria, and it is available in a huge range of different colours, patterns, and finishes, which mean we can design our kitchen space to suit our own needs.

Of course, trends do shift and move around quite a lot, and when you going for a decor change, you need to know that you are picking something which is going to stand the test of time, and not something that is just a fad.

If you’re looking for colour inspiration for your new quartz worktop, then let’s check out this year’s hottest colour ranges on offer.

The Whites – Without a doubt, white is the new black! White kitchens are becoming hugely popular, and although they do need a little more in terms of cleaning maintenance, they look sparkly, shiny, and ultra-modern, as well as being easily paired with many other colours for a splash of something different. White quartz countertops are becoming mainstream, and you can change the slight shade if you want something slightly ‘off-white’.

The Blacks – Black is always going to be hugely popular; who hasn’t poured over a black sparkly work surface in a DIY or home store? Jet black is a good choice, especially for hiding stains, but any shade of this ever popular colour is always going to be timeless. Again, play with various themes, such as different grains or designs, with that aforementioned glitter being a top one.

The Neutrals – Neutrals work well with basically everything, so whether you opt for brown, camel, tan, cream, or anything in-between, you are getting a versatile and very fashionable choice for your cash. This is also easy to pair with white, so if you have that trendy white kitchen, throw in a spot of light or dark brown for a really timeless effect.

The Aquas – If you pay much attention to feng shui, or the thought that colours can affect our mood, then you will know that greens and blues are thought to be very calming colours. If you have a tendency for getting a little hot headed in the kitchen, maybe you should go down the blue or green route! You can mix this again with white, for a marble effect, or perhaps a pine wood to give it a slightly different appearance.

The Greys – Grey has always been a popular choice, because it looks professional, and that means it looks sleek and efficient. Again, you can choose your shade of grey, from dark to barely there, but this particular collection is certainly on the up in terms of popularity.

Which colour selection will you go for with your new kitchen decor? This should have given you plenty of food for thought!